Composite Decking Range

Durable, water-resistant Decking means you do not have to waste your time re-varnishing, re-sealing and repairing your garden when the sun comes out.


Cladco Decking® Boards are designed to suit every garden and every occasion - even the liveliest summer barbeques! Our supply of Decking materials suits all styles of gardens. With intelligently designed traction grooves, the risk of slipping is significantly reduced when compared to timber. The low slip properties can be improved further by laying the Decking Boards horizontally across the walking direction.

Set Descending Direction

About Our Decking Products

Our Deck Boards are designed to be simple to put together and do not require specialist tools. Our Cladco Decking® uses T clips and stainless-steel screws to allow the boards to expand and contract with varying weather conditions.


Our Cladco Decking® calculator can help you work out how much material you will need to complete your project. We believe in minimising wastage and are committed to delivering a high-quality product. You can also order samples of our Decking in all eight colours.


The narrow-spaced grooves on our boards are functional as well as stylish it creates a low-slip surface, coupled with the strength of the material. The low-slip design means it's suitable for areas that may get some surface water. However, it's always advisable to allow water to run off.


We also supply all the trims to match to ensure your Deck looks seamless in its setting. Cladco supply Decking suitable for commercial and domestic properties.


If you need further advice on assembling your Deck, download our installation guide, or get in touch for even more information.