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Our Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Boards exude quality with a hard-wearing, authentic woodgrain effect surface forming a distinctively beautiful decking finish. The scratch-resistant, ASA-resin shell combined with a compact PVC inner core makes our Boards a long-lasting and hassle-free Decking product.

Find the perfect colour for your project by selecting two of the six available colours below from our Nordeck Decking range.

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Ash Grey


Cedar Wood


Silver Birch



Long-Lasting Decking

Our Nordeck Decking Boards come with a 20-year guarantee, making them one of the most superior Decking Boards available on the market.

Moisture Resistant

Our Nordeck Decking Boards are designed to withstand increased levels of moisture, making for an ideal solution for installations around pools, hot tubs and ponds.


Durable Decking

The tough ASA-resin outer shell featured on our Nordeck Decking Boards provides increased strength and durability for resistance against the pressures from chair legs, furniture and ornaments.

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