The UK's most affordable, high-quality decking board

Mission Statement


Having been operating, evolving and selling within this industry for almost 50 years, a lot of key things have happened over that time, relocations, employment increases, new products, product innovations, and more.

Cladco Profiles has worked tirelessly over the years to evolve and innovate its merchandise and services to perfect and improve constantly. For almost five decades, Cladco has been providing metal roofing sheets and accessories to the UK, with the addition, in the last seven years, of composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing.

Cladco’s bespoke roofing sheets, accessories and low-maintenance composite products are reliable, well made, quality items. Which are a reflection of the core values and mission the company has at its heart, which all members of staff work together to achieve a shared goal:

“To supply high-quality, sustainable items at a competitive price.”

Cladco aims for the highest quality of products, made with recycled and sustainable materials where possible. The company firmly believes in protecting the planet, ensuring the earth will be here for many generations to come.

To find out more about Cladco products, services and environmental standing, head to either the company social media pages, website or contact one of the team today.