Wall Cladding Calculator

Welcome to Cladco's wall cladding calculator!

When you are wanting to change the exterior appearance of your building by adding wall cladding, figuring out how much cladding you may need is crucial.

Cladco's Cladding Calculator will estimate how many cladding boards you may need for your building or project, please note this is a guide and additional measurements are advised..

This Cladding Calculator and the results it generates are to be used as a guide, all measurements should be checked thoroughly.

Please note that this is a square-metre calculator and therefore joins may be required in the final installation. For further information, or to talk about your project, please call 01837 659901 or Email Us.

Step 1: Select Cladding Style

What style would you like?

When choosing Wall Cladding, Cladco has three styles to choose from, Original, Woodgrain or Fibre Cement Cladding.

The use of exterior wall cladding can completely change the appearance of your home.