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Millboard Warranty

At Cladco, we proudly offer Millboard products, known for their exceptional quality and high standards. Millboard Warranty ensures that you can have confidence in your purchase, and we are here to assist you if needed. For all Millboard products, you must register your warranty through their website.


When you register Millboard decking boards, edging, or fascia boards purchased from Cladco, you will receive either a 25 Year Limited Structural Decking Warranty or a 10 Year Limited Structural Decking Warranty, depending on the installation application.


Registration must be completed within 90 days of purchase, and the decking must be secured to the subframe using Millboard's Durafix® fixings. For Millboard Envello products bought from Cladco, we offer a 15 Year Limited Structural Cladding Warranty, provided you register within 90 days of purchase. Please retain a copy of your proof of purchase for your Millboard product from Cladco.