Discover our 6 Decking ideas for sloping gardens to pick up inspiration and tips. We have eight colours of Composite Decking available and you can order a free Decking Sample Box to help finalise your decision. We also have 6 attractive colours in our Premium PVC Decking range, excellent for recreating a natural wood appearance.        

Our Composite Decking Boards are a low maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking, providing a longer life and minimal upkeep. Made from a combination of 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastics, making for an environmentally friendly option.

Our Premium PVC Decking has superior strength and resilience, replicating the look of traditional timber decking. Our PVC Decking is resistant to extreme weather and has a luxury finish, colour and texture.

1. Create a raised level decking area

Raised level decking with steps and handrail
stone grey composite decking boards

By adding a raised level space to your uneven garden, the customer above has used Stone Grey Composite Decking with steps and a handrail.

raised level decking with steps above stone wall
raised level decking above stone wall

This customer has built onto an existing stone wall to create a high-level Decking area that leads to an entranceway. They have utilised their sloping garden with Teak Woodgrain Composite Decking and our Balustrade Posts which you can find in our Balustrade range.

2. Use Drop down decking on steeper slopes

drop down decking on steep slope
stone grey decking with pergola on steep slope

If you have an extreme slope that is currently unusable, you can create a drop-down Decking structure as the customer above has. They have used our stone grey composite decking and added a pergola.

3. Add steps to raised decking

raised decking with steps
stone grey deckingn with steps

In the project above our Stone Grey Composite Decking Boards have been used to create steps up to a matching Decking area. This then leads to patio doors and another entranceway, which improves the overall aesthetics and creates a functional outdoor space.

composite decking steps in teak colour
teak coloured composite decking steps

This customer has used our Composite Decking in Teak for a natural timber look. They have constructed steps leading up to a patio area.

4. Use multiple colours of decking on a split level

Multiple colours of decking on split level
Ivory and redwood decking boards

Make a colourful Decking area by using two, or more, colours to separate levels and steps. The customer above has chosen Ivory and Redwood for their project.

5. Design a multi level area

multi level decking area in stone grey
grey decking area

Utilise your uneven garden by incorporating multiple layers of Decking, like this customer has done with our Stone Grey Composite Decking and Light Grey Corner Trims.

cedar coloured PVC decking
multi level, cedar coloured decking

The project above has used our Premium PVC Decking Boards in Cedar Wood to create a multi-level, luxurious and durable Decking area.

6. Use high level raised decking on small slopes

high level raised decking on a small slope
charcoal fascia trims for decking

When working with a small space you could elevate your Decking to provide underneath storage and additional areas to enjoy. This customer has used our Composite Decking in Stone Grey with contrasting Charcoal Fascia Trims.

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