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Nordeck Decking

Our premium Nordeck Decking is one of the highest quality decking types on the market. Perfect for modern, traditional or alternative outside projects and available in six colours. This decking comes with a 20-year guarantee and is the perfect high-end alternative to timber decking.

Nordeck PVC Decking has an ASA coating which is a weather-resistant super strength coating offering resilience against alternative options available on the market.

Nordeck Decking has an authentic wooden effect exterior and is a high-end premium range decking board perfect for those wanting a traditional timber looking deck without the hassle of ongoing maintenance. Boards are manufactured to achieve a high-strength resilience with low-slip properties.

To understand more about Nordeck PVC Decking read the following article on our blog:

Composite Decking vs PVC Decking - Pros & Cons

For installation advice see our Nordeck Decking Installation Guide

To see how customers are using Nordeck Decking to improve their home living check out our Oakwood Holidays Case Study. Or head to our Image Gallery.

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  1. Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Sample
    Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Sample

    Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Sample

    Pick two of your favourite colours from our Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking range to see the quality of the embossed woodgrain for yourself. Your free Nordeck Decking sample selection comes with the latest Cladco Brochure.
  2. 3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Board
    20 Years Guarantee
    3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Board
    From £64.80

    3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Board

    Create an attractive, contemporary outdoor living area with high-quality Nordeck Decking Boards. The Boards have been designed to replicate the natural aesthetic of wood with a range of beneficial properties in a choice of six attractive colours.

  3. 3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Bullnose Board
    20 Years Guarantee
    3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Bullnose Board
    From £64.80

    3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Bullnose Board

    Add a sophisticated, rounded-edge Bullnose Board to your Nordeck Decking area, with our Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Bullnose Boards. These Bullnose Boards can be purchased and installed in contrasting or complementing colours for a unique design.

  4. 3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Fascia Board
    3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Fascia Board
    From £41.40

    3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Fascia Board

    Ensure your Decking is finished to a high standard with Cladco Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Fascia Boards. Fascia Boards can be used to hide the structural base below for an attractive, seamless design. Available in a range of six colours with moisture resistance properties.
  5. 65mm Hidden Deck Fasteners for Nordeck & Composite Decking (Pack of 100)
    65mm Hidden Deck Fasteners for Nordeck & Composite Decking (Pack of 100)
    From £33.60

    65mm Hidden Deck Fasteners for Nordeck & Composite Decking (Pack of 100)

    Secure our Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Decking Boards or Composite Bullnose Boards with our high-quality Hidden Deck Fasteners. Supplied with Plugs that hide the Screws under the surface of the Decking Boards, these are available in a range of colours and come with 65mm Deck Screws and a Torx drill bit.

What Exactly is Nordeck Decking

Cladco Nordeck Decking, unlike composite or timber decking, does not have any traces of wood fibres, or natural materials, instead it's a premium, high-quality decking board, manufactured from a new age of material technology. The wood effect artificial decking is composed of a PVC material encased with a resilient, ASA- resin (acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile).

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride is the highest manufactured plastic in the world. PVC is a strong, synthetic material, manufactured to be either flexible or rigid. Paired with the ASA resin creates one of the most high-performance decking boards available on the decking market.

Nordeck incorporates easy to maintain plastic material with the UV resistant, Insect repellant, and low-maintenance ASA resin. The non-porous PVC-ASA core prevents the board from fading, absorbing moisture, staining, scratching, rotting, and warping.

The Cladco Nordeck Decking board is made up of the most attractive, natural-appearing synthetic PVC Deck materials available in the UK. Unlike other brands, Cladco Nordeck boards come in only one size and design, an authentic woodgrain profile for a timber effect deck, but in a range of six colours.

Each Nordeck Decking board is 3.6m long and provides 0.7sqm coverage.

Why Should You Choose a Nordeck Deck?

If you are wanting a high-quality non-wood deck, with a longer life than composite decking, in a range of colours, then Nordeck Decking could be the choice for you.

Thanks to the superior strength and low-absorption properties of the decking, these boards are perfect for any installation.

Nordeck has a range of pros, Cladco Nordeck, like Cladco Composite Decking boards are low-maintenance and resistant to fading, simply wash with regular dish soap and cold or warm water and keep the deck clear of debris to keep the boards looking fantastic for years to come.

Cladco Nordeck Decking can improve the way you use your garden, and enhance your outdoor living, thanks to their range of features, the boards can support and sustain any furniture, social gatherings or dinner parties thrown at it.

Benefits When Choosing Nordeck Decking

When building your outside seating, dining, or social area, it is important to consider what benefits you are getting for the price of materials.

Cladco Nordeck PVC Decking Boards are a premium product compared to Composite Decking, with a price and advantages list to match the high-quality product.

Pros of Nordeck Decking

  • Low-absorption - the Boards are water-resistant - giving them the advantage over composite or timber decking for installations around swimming pools
  • Stain-resistant - will not hold onto moisture which encourages staining
  • Mold resistant thanks to its low-absorption properties the boards will not encourage the growth of mold or algae
  • Increased strength - can withstand heavy loads, such as areas with high footfall or hot tubs.
  • Will, not rot, warp, stain, fade, or scratch - thanks to the durable resin, the Boards will look as good as new for years.
  • Nordeck Decking Boards have a 20-year guarantee
  • Cladco Nordeck Decking is Low Slip 

Cons of Nordeck Decking

  • Unlike Composite decking, Nordeck decking is not environmentally friendly
  • Unlike a Composite Deck, a Nordeck decking board is not recyclable
  • Nordeck decking materials are more expensive than Composite boards

Nordeck Decking vs. Other Deck Materials

Cladco, while supplying premium PVC decking, is also the UK's leading supplier of composite decking boards, with similar wood-effect decking and properties at a cost-effective price.

Both Nordeck and Composite Decking have their similarities and differences. Both boards are low-maintenance, with low-water absorption, are resistant to fading and insects.

However, where composite decking will absorb some moisture, Nordeck is completely absorption resistant. While both boards have resistance to fading, composite decking may fade in some cases, whereas Nordeck decking will not fade at all.

If you're building your forever home garden, Nordeck decks are recommended with their 20-year guarantee, UV resistance, and superior deck strength, whereas composite deck boards may be better suited for a lower-cost build, with the reduced length of guarantee for the decking materials.

Price for both ranges of decking varies, including the prices of composite woodgrain, hollow or solid boards. For a Nordeck or Composite Decking quote see the product pages for more details or contact the sales team on 01837 659901

It is always best to sample a range of brands, designs, and materials before committing to one style of plastic, wood, or composite decking.

Samples of Cladco Nordeck Decking are available in a choice of six colours. Samples of Composite Decking are also available in a range of eight colours.

Product Reviews

  1. 3.6m Nordeck Woodgrain Effect Bullnose Board



    Brilliant frame for my PVC deck

    I'm so glad I chose pvc bullnose boards as a frame effect as they look really good next to my pvc decking boards of the same colour. They were easy to install following the handy guides and video, and I have already recommended them to some friends who were looking for quality decking.

    Review by Jim Garney

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