Trims & Fixings

Having the correct decking, cladding, and fencing is only the first part of the installation process. High-quality trims and fixings play a vital role in ensuring your project is completed correctly and giving the finishing touch. At Cladco, we have a range of decking fixings and composite trims to ensure the job is done properly.


Whatever the style and purpose of your project, you’ll find the right composite trims and composite fixings here to be able to complete it in no time confidently.

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Aluminium and Composite Trims

Trims enable your project to have the finished look for any type of exterior landscape and can be used on both our commercial and domestic grade composite boards. Available in matching colours to the range of composite boards, you’ll find the right trim to suit with skirting and corner versions. Placed around the edges of your decking or to corner your cladding, trims are ideal if you are incorporating steps or if you need to tidy up any corners.

We have both composite trims and aluminium trims available, with our composite trims produced from the same recycled plastic combination as our decking, fencing and cladding. Consisting of hardwood, polyethylene and bonding agents, our composite trims are hardwearing and low maintenance, as well as moisture resistant. Our aluminium skirting trims give a sleeker, tougher look that will complete any project with style and are another hard-wearing option.

Composite Fixings and Screws

We want you to be able to easily install your new composite decking, cladding or fencing with minimal fuss, which is why our range of fence panel and decking fixings are easy to use. Put alongside this our T-Clip fixings, starter clips and decking screws and you have everything you need.

Made from high-quality composite just like our decking, cladding and fencing, our composite fixings complement our full range. Composite decking starter clips will ensure you fit the decking in the exact place it should be when near fencing or walls to create a tight, professional look by minimising any gaps. The same with our T-Clip fixings and fence panel fixings means the accurate positioning and securing of any composite panels on the first attempt. We also have stainless steel decking screws that are easy to use with either our composite or timber boards.

Fixings and Trims to Last

All our composite fixings and trims are produced with longevity in mind, produced from high-quality materials that provide increased corrosion and wear resistance to last as long as your decking, cladding and fencing do. Designed to blend in with the rest of your project, the full range of trims and decking fixings will give your project a professional and neat look every time. Also available are our hollow composite decking end caps to finish any exposed ends, as well as adhesive and decking reviver to keep everything secure and looking pristine. If you need help with correctly installing our products, please consult our installation guides for more information and check out our gallery for inspiration if you need it.