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Tarpaulin Accessories

Accessories for Cladco Tarpaulins consist of a variety of products that are used to aid the assembly and increase the security of your Tarpaulin. Our Tarpaulin Ball Bungees (20cm) can be used to fix your Tarp to a point and increase flexibility, extending up to 40cm in length.

Cladco Poly Rope for Tarpaulin is a versatile product that is utilised in a range of projects, such as securing your Tarpaulin down to cover decking, cladding or fencing materials. 30m, 220m and 500m lengths are available.

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  1. Tarpaulin Ball Bungees – 20cm (Packs of 10 & 30)
    Tarpaulin Ball Bungees – 20cm (Packs of 10 & 30)
    From £8.40

    Tarpaulin Ball Bungees – 20cm (Packs of 10 & 30)

    Cladco 20cm Ball Bungees are designed to keep your Tarpaulin in a fixed place whilst still allowing for flexibility. Available in black (as pictured), Ball Bungees can be bought in packs of 10 or 30 depending on your project needs.

  2. Tarpaulin Poly Rope – 6mm
    Tarpaulin Poly Rope – 6mm
    From £4.99

    Tarpaulin Poly Rope – 6mm

    Our general-purpose polypropylene rope, or Poly Rope, is suitable for a variety of uses, from strapping down tarpaulins, agricultural items and cargo, to general usage in the home and garden. Available in 6mm width and 30m, 220m and 500m lengths.

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