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Composite Fencing

What’s in Composite Fencing?

Cladco Composite Fencing is manufactured from 100% environmentally-friendly materials, comprising of recycled wood fibres and plastic. Engineered with a honeycomb core, this innovative design makes for a lightweight alternative to traditional timber fencing products.

Composite Fencing Panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be secured to matching Composite Posts. Each 3.6m Panel secures horizontally using a tongue-and-groove effect, and are available in a range of colours to improve the look of your garden boundary. Due to their composition, Fencing Panels can be cut to length using an ordinary wood saw.


Maintaining Composite Fencing is simple

Composite Fencing Panels are manufactured from a mix of wood-plastic material that is low-maintenance and long-lasting. Cleaning can be undertaken with a jet wash or by using a hose to remove any surface debris and dirt. Composite Fencing Panels and Posts are designed to be durable with weather-resistant properties preventing rotting, splintering and warping.

How do I install Composite Fence Panels?

Installing Composite Fence Panels is easy, with a tongue and groove fitting that allows each Board to sit flush on top of the previous one. Either timber posts or Composite Posts can be used to secure the Panels in place horizontally. Cladco Composite Fence Posts feature a central channel that can be removed to enable Panels to slide into position. Alternatively, Panels can be screwed to the Posts for a different look. For further information about installation, please refer to the Installation Videos and Guides available on our website.

Composite Fencing

Does not splinter, split, rot or warp

No need to regularly seal, stain or paint

Low water absorption rate, does not attract mould or fungus

Resistant to attack by insects

Composite Fence Panels

Composite Fence Panels

Composite Fencing Panels feature a 6-hole honeycomb construction providing a lightweight and durable design. Each Panel covers 3.6m x 200mm when fitted horizontally and are available in a range of colours. Composite Panels can be fixed to Composite Fence Posts.

Length: 3.6m

Width: 120mm

Height: 21mm

Colours: Teak, Coffee, Stone Grey and Charcoal

Composite Fence Panels Diagram
Composite Fence Posts

Composite Fence Posts

Fence Posts provide support for the Composite Fence Panels, and are available in the same range of colours. A marked channel can be removed from the side of the Post to allow Composite Panels to slot neatly into place or simply secure in front of the Post.

Length: 3m

Width: 100x100mm

Colours: Teak, Coffee, Stone Grey and Charcoal

Composite Fence Post Diagram

Composite Post Caps

Fence Post Caps complete each Fence Post with a matching end cap. These easily sit on top to prevent ingress from insects and provide protection from the elements. Available in a range of attractive colours to suit your Fencing project.

Width: 108x108mm

Thickness: 22.5m

Colours: Teak, Coffee, Stone Grey and Charcoal