Decking Frame

We understand how important a good, solid frame is to begin any decking project. At Cladco we have a selection of deck framing posts and decking joists to give your decking the lift and sturdiness it deserves.

As well as our sawn green treated timber posts and C24 sawn green treated timber decking joists, we have structural composite decking joists to choose from to ensure the great start your project deserves.

Alternatively, choose from our long-lasting, 100% Recycled Plastic Joists and Posts, offering a highly durable support system for ground level and raised Decking areas.

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Great Deck Framing at an Affordable Cost

At Cladco, we want to ensure whatever the project you’re planning, that attention starts with the base. The importance of good deck framing cannot be understated, with the ideal placement and installation of your decking boards dependent on how well the base is constructed. For this reason, the use of quality timber or composite wood is vital to ensure the stability of your project.


All our timber framing is sourced responsibly and is high pressure treated to ensure water resistance and durability all year round. We also have heavy duty composite structural joists which are made from recycled plastics and are a great option for elevated decked areas. All our deck framing is suitable for use on a solid, concrete base or a grass area; read our handy installation guides for more information when it comes to successfully using our deck framing.


Whether you’re opting for a natural wood timber decking option or an alternative, hardwearing composite deck, we have the right products to ensure the foundations are well structured. As with all our products, our deck framing can be sawn, planed and drilled with ease so you can shape your project exactly how you need it.


Decking Joists – Composite or Timber?

When creating your vision for a decking area, it’s important that the right base is used for your decking joists to be placed. Our composite decking joists are ideally used on a hard concrete base, to ensure the decking is as secure and flat as possible. When looking to work on a grass area with no concrete base, our timber decking joists will do the job. Ideally, you will want to remove the turf first to ensure the surface is as flat as possible.


Our deck framing choices ensure you have the correct products at the right price to begin your decking project. Whether you opt for composite wood or timber, we have the quality materials to provide you with that gives peace of mind. Along with our timber framing, we having trims and fixings available to put it all together.


For inspiration, check out our gallery of completed projects from customers who have used our products successfully. If you need any further advice or more information about our decking frames, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.


*Please note images are used for illustration purposes only, actual item may vary slightly from image supplied.


Cladco Recycled Plastic Posts and Joists

When building your Decking frame/substructure, having a durable, prime-quality material that can withstand high quantities of weight and moisture is paramount.


Cladco Plastic Joists are produced using 100% reclaimed plastic. Manufactured in the UK, the 100% post-consumer plastics are moulded into shape, creating a superior strength Joist.


Our Plastic Joists and posts are recycled and versatile. As the 100% plastic Joist will not absorb moisture, they are perfectly suited for installing directly in the ground, especially in areas subject to moisture. These maintenance free Joists will not rot, warp or splinter.


Cladco 100% Recycled Plastic Posts and Joists have a 10-year warranty and a variety of additional benefits.



These Joists are suitable for use with our Composite, PVC and Timber Decking range.


Find out more about our range of Decking products and how to install them in our installation guides here.