Composite Fencing Panels

Cladco Composite Fencing products have been designed to last, with a superior, six-hole honeycomb structure within each Panel that produces lightweight and durable Fencing. Complement your Cladco Composite Panels with matching, or contrasting, Composite Fence Posts, and complete your project with Post Caps.

Cladco Composite Fencing materials will create a beautiful, contemporary Fence design for your garden. Manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions, our Composite Fencing products are rot-resistant, splinter-resistant and do not attract insects and or pests, unlike timber alternatives.

We stock Composite Fencing Panels, Posts and Post Caps in eight attractive Composite colours, from light and subtle hues to warm earthy tones, you can design garden fencing to best suit your existing Cladco Composite Decking, garden furniture or buildings.

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Why Use Cladco For Garden Fencing?

Our Composite Fencing products are an inexpensive and low-maintenance alternative to standard timber fence panels. Our Composite Fences are more durable than traditional fencing and lighter than metal fencing, boasting a sleek, contemporary design with a natural wood-like texture that is suitable for both commercial and domestic grade properties.

At Cladco, our Fencing Posts are designed to coordinate with our Fencing Panels to ensure your boundaries look faultless. All of our Composite products are high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials specifically engineered to last. What's more, you can coordinate the design of our Composite Fencing Panels with our Composite Decking Boards, or any furniture, that you already own, to create an established design for commercial or domestic settings.

Composite Fencing is more durable than traditional materials and modern alternatives. Our products are manufactured from 60% FSC® certified recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastic. These hardwood qualities are strengthened by a combination of additives and recycled materials to improve the life of your Cladco Fence in any landscaping environment.

*All Cladco Composite Fencing products are available as FSC® certified for the same cost. If you require FSC® certified products, please ask for these when placing your order.

Garden Fencing Panels - How Cladco Fence Panels Beat The Rest

Our Composite Fencing has been engineered to provide a low-maintenance garden boundary that increases privacy. With improved durability over time, the wood-plastic Composite Fencing will not rot or warp from rain or other harsh weather conditions. Our Fencing does not require staining or sealing either, and they are the lowest maintenance fence solution available; simply clean with a jet wash or hose down, whenever needed.

At Cladco, all our wood-plastic Composite Panels, Posts and Post Caps are available in the same eight colours. We are confident that one of these colours will blend into your space, match establish gardens, complement gates, and run alongside a trellis design.

Made from recycled materials, our Composite Fencing is environmentally friendly. Our materials have improved colour stability and benefit from an anti-UV agent for long-lasting quality and appearance. Composite Fencing features a strong six-hole design that improves the durability of the Panels while keeping the weight of each Panel to a minimum.

5 Reasons To Buy Cladco Garden Fence Panels

  • Composite Fencing Panels and Posts are stronger alternatives to traditional wood fencing and timber posts and can be cut using the same woodworking tools for ease of installation.

  • Unlike timber fencing, Composite Fencing Panels do not need to be treated, sanded, varnished or painted to look great and to last. Composite Fencing is ready to install right away and comes with a ten-year guarantee.

  • Available in eight attractive colours, you are not limited to one colour or tone, so you can customise the look of your garden fence to suit your design and Cladco garden Decking.

  • Cladco Composite Fencing is resistant to insects, mould and rot, allowing your garden Fence Panels to last for years and years.

  • Improve the privacy and safety aspects of your outdoor space with our large 3.6-metre Fence Panels and 3-metre Fence Posts, creating a complete, gapless design. This makes for a more secure, modern fencing solution that offers increased protection and safety.

Composite Or Timber Garden Fence Panels? Which Is Best?

Traditional timber fences, although cheaper on the initial outlay, require regular maintenance, staining and treatment throughout their lifespan. This will increase expenditure over time, whereas Composite Fencing is a longer-lasting alternative that will outlast natural garden fencing panels. Without the need to sand, varnish, treat or protect Composite products, additional treatment products are not required to maintain the same quality, once established as part of your garden.

You will also benefit from minimised maintenance and installation costs that come with Composite Fencing, with fewer fixings required. The initial price of Composite Fencing will outway the long-term running costs that are associated with traditional timber fencing.

The benefits of Composite Fencing

The benefits of our extensive range of colours in our Composite Fencing products makes it easy to create different styles to match your garden. There's no need to paint Composite Fencing Panels or Posts, as they are ready to install.

At Cladco, we are proud to produce materials that are designed for ease. Our Composite Fence Panels utilise lightweight honeycomb construction so that they are easier to handle. This means that your Fence is customisable and can be built and extended whatever measurements you require.

For more information before you purchase a Cladco Composite Fence, or to find out how much material your project will need, get in touch with our sales team today.

Cladco Fence Posts - Quality That's Built To Withstand The Elements

When you start to plan ideas for your new garden fence, you will likely need to find a design to suit your existing furniture, decking, gates, or accessories in your garden. The styles available with our Composite Fencing Posts and Panels mean you can mix and match colours to fit.

Cladco Composite Fencing Posts are built to last and stand strong against harsh weather conditions that gardens across the UK experience. The design and manufacture of our Fencing Posts make them the superior choice for Fencing for domestic and commercial applications alike.

Our modern Composite Fencing Posts are competitive in price, which we can supply nationwide.

How To Install Cladco Composite Fence Panels

Cladco Composite Fencing is much easier to install when compared to individual timber boards. The tongue-and-groove connection between each Composite Panel is designed for ease-of-use in the installation process.

Select matching or contrasting Posts and Colour Caps to create different styles to match your garden or existing decking area. Installing Cladco Composite Fence Panels around your garden or decking space is easy, and can be performed in two ways. The first method is to use the 'slot between' method, whereby Panels slot into a pre-marked space through the centre of each Post.

The second method is to secure the Fence Panels to the front of the Fence Posts and to use fixing screws through the Panels into the Posts. It is recommended to install one Post along the middle of Panels for extra support when installing Cladco 3.6-metre Composite Panels.

Follow our step-by-step Fencing Installation Guide for full instructions on how to install our Composite Fencing, Posts and Caps with the two methods above.

Where Can I Use Cladco Composite Fencing?

Cladco Composite Fencing is suitable, secure option for domestic and commercial properties, from schools to private properties that require a high level of privacy, to garden boundaries, driveway borders and road-facing gardens, where a trellis would be inadequate.

The quality of our Composite Fencing is increased by a strong six-hole design that is capable of withstanding high winds and harsh weather conditions. The manufacture and design behind our Composite Panel range make these types of Fences ideal for use over soil, as well as on concrete or tarmac.

The versatile nature of Cladco Composite Fencing allows each Panel to be adjusted in length using ordinary woodworking tools. We stock 3.6-metre Panels and each one can be customised and cut to length to suit your garden space, or to fit around gates and pre-existing decking.

Conclusion - Why Cladco Composite Fencing?

Cladco Composite Fencing range is the perfect, long-term fence solution for gardens, due to the product's rot-resistant properties. In climates that experience heavy annual rainfall, choosing Composite Fencing is a far superior alternative to a timber fence system. As Composite Fencing is manufactured from recycled hardwood fibres and recycled plastics, there is no need to stain, protect, or treat the Fence Panels and Fence Posts.

The wide range of Composite colours across our range gives you more creativity when it comes to customising your garden fence design, over many other popular types of modern fencing. The solid design of each Panel offers more privacy when compared to a trellis design, or lattice timber fencing.

Composite garden Fence Panels do not rot or splinter, and so are far more resilient against insects and pests that may break through timber garden fencing gaps or spaces. The Post design allows for a 'slot between' method which is a secure installation method allowing the Fence Panels to sit inside the Posts for a high quality finish.

We can supply Composite Fencing Panels across mainland UK, as well as for collection from our site in Okehampton, Devon. Please see our Delivery pages for more information on our current delivery times and collection policy.