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Composite Fencing

Our Composite Fencing has been designed to last, with each panel featuring a superior, six-hole honeycomb structure making for lightweight and durable fencing. Complement your Panels with matching, or contrasting Composite Posts and complete your project with Composite Post Caps.

It couldn't be easier to create a beautiful, contemporary fence for your garden. Our high strength wood plastic fencing is a mix of 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastics. It is rot, splinter and insect resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, unlike timber alternatives.

We stock Panels, Posts and Post Caps in four attractive colours, from light and subtle hues to warm earthy tones. This means you can design your garden fence to best suit your existing Composite Decking, Cladding or garden furniture.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Gallery to see how Cladco customers are transforming their spaces using our Composite Fencing.

Alternatively, explore these blog posts for more Composite Fencing inspiration:

9 Composite Fencing Ideas

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  1. Composite Fencing Sample Pack
    Composite Fencing Sample Pack

    Composite Fencing Sample Pack

    Our Composite Fencing Samples make it easy to plan your projects and offer the best way to view the ranges of colours available. Supplied with the latest Cladco Brochure and Price List, these Sample Packs are available for free.
  2. 3.6m Composite Fencing Panel
    3.6m Composite Fencing Panel
    From £26.94

    3.6m Composite Fencing Panel

    The main component of our Composite Fencing system, the Cladco 3.6m Composite Fencing Panel has a sturdy, six-hole honeycomb core, helping your fence to withstand a range of elements. Fence panels are available in a range of colours to complement or contrast the other features of your property.
  3. 3m Composite Fence Panel Posts
    3m Composite Fence Panel Posts
    From £47.94

    3m Composite Fence Panel Posts

    Surround your garden with strong, weather-resistant Composite Fencing. Cladco Composite Fence Posts are insect and rot resistant, and are available in a range of four colours to complement or contrast our 3.6m Composite Fence Panels.

  4. Composite Fence Post Caps
    Composite Fence Post Caps
    From £7.50

    Composite Fence Post Caps

    Composite Fence Post Caps are the finishing touch for your Composite Fencing. Caps are available in the same colour range as Cladco 3.6m Fencing Panels. Protect the interior of your posts and add a design flare with these easy to install Post Caps.
  5. 3m Concrete Post Spacer for Composite Fence Panels
    3m Concrete Post Spacer for Composite Fence Panels

    3m Concrete Post Spacer for Composite Fence Panels

    Our 3m metal Concrete Post Spacer reduces the 50mm panel groove in concrete posts to 21mm, to allow for our3.6m Composite Fence Panels to be installed securely and quickly.

  6. 2m Fencing Rail for Composite Fencing Panels
    2m Fencing Rail for Composite Fencing Panels
    From £9.95

    2m Fencing Rail for Composite Fencing Panels

    Cladco 2m Fencing Rails are designed to sit on the top or bottom of your Cladco Composite Fence Panels. They conceal the tongue and groove edge where the Panels meet and improve durability. A practical and attractive finishing touch to your Composite Fencing system.
  7. Straight Cut Tin Snips
    Straight Cut Tin Snips

    Straight Cut Tin Snips

    Featuring serrated edges and a hardened blade, with anti-slip hand grips and lock guards, our Straight cut Tin Snips are the ideal tool for cutting our Fencing Railc to size – leaving a neatly-cut edge.

Why Choose Cladco Composite Fencing?

Rot, Splinter And Warp Resistant

Panels resist rot damage, keeping their shape once installed.

Anti-UV Agent Resists Colour Fade

Panels resist colour fade from sunlight with anti-UV agents.

Insect And Pest

Panels are resistant to attack by insects, or pests, due to their part-plastic content.

Made With 100% Recycled Materials

Enviro-friendly Fencing made from 40% recycled plastic and 60% recycled wood fibres.


Fencing requires no staining, or treatment and is simple to maintain.

Order A Sample

The best way to choose a colour for your Fencing is by ordering a free sample pack.

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Product Quality

Our Composite, Wood Plastic Fencing Panels are made from 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% high-grade recycled plastic. They are a sustainable and durable choice. Panels resist rot, splinter, and warping, requiring minimal upkeep compared to traditional fences. No need for regular staining or painting, making them a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fencing solution. Please specify if you require FSC® Certified products when ordering.

Product Range

Cladco Composite Fencing Panels are 3.6-metre in length. They can be easily cut to size using standard woodworking tools. Available in a selection of modern colours, our fencing panels can be paired with our Composite Decking or Composite Cladding for a cohesive outdoor design. With a simple interlocking system the panels can be installed with ease, providing an attractive and practical solution for any exterior space.

Is composite fencing more expensive?

Composite Fencing is initially more expensive to purchase than traditional timber fencing, however, if you take into consideration the low-maintenance and long-lasting properties of the Composite material used to manufacture the fence panels, the cost is made up for in the long run as you do not need to spend money replacing or maintaining your fence for years to come.

What are the benefits of composite fencing?

Composite Fencing is a more stable and durable product in comparison to traditional wooden fencing. It is low-maintenance, splinter and rot-resistant, environmentally friendly and available in a range of colours with no need to sand, seal, varnish or paint.

How long will a composite fence last?

Composite Fencing can last up to 10+ years in normal weather conditions.

Is composite fencing good in wind?

When Composite Fence Panels are installed alongside Composite Fencing Posts, the durability of the fence is much stronger in comparison to timber fencing. The materials used to manufacture Composite Fencing are built to last and stand strong against harsh weather conditions.

How does composite fencing compare to wood or PVC?

Composite Fencing is manufactured from 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastics, combining the best of both wood and PVC fencing to create a stronger, longer-lasting and more durable product. Composite Fencing will outlast wooden fencing and does not require staining or painting to keep it looking its best. It is available in a range of colours to suit any outdoor project.

How do you maintain composite fencing?

Composite Fencing is low-maintenance and will only need cleaning as and when required. To do so, simply clear away any debris such as cobwebs and leaves with a dry, soft brush and clean using warm soapy water and a sponge. Allow to air-dry and you're done.

Is composite fencing easy to install?

The superior, six-hole honeycomb structure within each panel produces a lightweight product that is easy to install. For more information, take a look at our Installation Guide

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