Transform your Garden with Cladco Composite Decking.

This remarkable garden has been transformed into an extended living area, where the outside and the inside merge into one. A wonderful addition to conventional living areas.

The garden is able to form part of the architectural vision, having the man-made structure of the home reach out into the natural world. Creating a peaceful and beautiful harmonious connection between the outside and the inside. Enabling these customers to relax no matter where they are in their home.

The decadent design of the home is constructed into an open and frees space, with nature and being outside a main focal point of the creative process.

The use of the natural colours of the Stone-Grey Composite Decking against the line of lawn and gravel creates a beautiful contrast of textures, drawing but not exhausting the eye.

The strong contrasting shapes and colours, around the garden are able to create a rhythm of the synthetic and the natural for a powerful balance between enclosed and open areas.


Having the different sections of the garden being outlined with alternative textures, a subtle flowered boarder, a stone wall, gravel, and grass as straight lines and assured crispness, evokes a strong sense of order and formality to an otherwise wild space.

The decked stairs and walk way lead your eye on an intriguing journey from the front of the property to the back without missing a step in the design.

These customers now have a high-quality garden to relax, enjoy and show off for many years to come.