David Wring and Sam Mckume have created this fantastic decking project using Cladco Composite Decking Boards in Charcoal colour with attractive skirting trim and integrated light system. Here we will show you their process from start to finish.


The decking project started off with a timber frame for the decking boards to sit on. It's important that the timber joists are set out at a maximum of 400mm centres to ensure they comply with the installation guide and warranty.
Before installing the boards, holes were drilled to install the integrated light system.


The decking was set out on several levels so steps were created in the frame to allow an easy transition from the top level to the bottom.


Once the frame was in place and secured David and his team needed to bring in Cladco Composite Decking Boards ready to install onto the frame. They chose to use Cladco Hollow decking boards in charcoal as this complimented the surrounding area and the hollow boards were suitable for a light-use garden. The Composite Decking provided a low maintenance garden for the client to enjoy.


Now the boards are ready to be fitted. Each board is carefully placed and secured using the T Clip system. Some boards required cutting and shaping to fit in with the client’s design specifications.

Each T Clip was secured into place onto the timber joist between the boards. The reason for using a T Clip is that it allows the boards to expand and contract in varying weather conditions, not only is this the best way to secure the boards it also is compliant with our 10-year warranty.


David and his team took extra care on the decking when cutting the additional boards not to mark or damage the decking under the tools.


As you can see not all angles of the composite decking were straight so care and time were taken to fit the decking perfectly into the area.


Now onto the steps. David and his team installed the steps on top of the timber frame. They used corner angles to finish off the edging of the steps. They measured and countersunk each screw into the angles to ensure a neat clean finish.


For the sides of the steps they have used a composite decking board on its reverse to match in with the decking and create a seamless linear flow.


David and his team used starter clips to ensure the decking sits up close to the wall of the house. This means you have a decking area directly outside which can help expand the living space in warmer months.


Finally, the decking is now complete. The client of David Wring was extremely pleased with their finished decking area. They now have a garden they can relax and enjoy in, not to mention have a very high-quality finish that will last them for years to come.


To further compliment the composite decking area, they have used a gravel edging with a decking board border this breaks up the solidness of the decking and softens down the edges. A very clever idea to allow different textures in a garden.

This project was created by Sam Mckume and Dave Wring based in Newquay, Cornwall. If you would like to get in contact regarding a project please email; [email protected]

For more information on our composite decking boards please visit our website or contact the sales team on 01837 659901.