Encourage seamless living with Cladco Composite Decking

When it comes to building a family home, the exterior is just as important as the interior, particularly during the spring and summer months, creating a wonderful place to relax, socialise and play outside as well as inside is just as important.

Mr and Mrs Boddington, have worked tirelessly on this fantastic property, a 1960s detached house, transforming it into the stunning piece of architecture. Blending inside living with the outdoors and creating a seamless extension of the home. The use of the large bi-fold doors helps to increase the living area with a large composite decking area leading onto the lawn.

Decking Area

Studies show that a home with a vast amount of natural light is healthier for your mind, body and soul. Allowing Vitamin D into your skin improves your mood, promotes a healthier body and natural light also reduces the amount of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any home.

The couple found the core principles they wanted to incorporate in the build; a new utility, more space, increased light, and sustainability and worked closely with the builder and the garden designer to ensure they were met throughout. Cladco Composite Decking has been used around the property, and is environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced and made from recycled wood and plastic fibres. These environmental factors helped meet the Boddingtons requirements of a sustainable build.


Cladco Composite Decking has been used in this project in a light grey colour, complimenting the warm brick colours of the home. Cladco decking is easy to maintain, with no need for sanding, varnishing or painting. The boards, unlike timber boards, are low-slip, so are safe for use all year round and are supplied with a ten-year guarantee.

The benefits of having a bright open living space, both inside and out are extensive and not just because it allows the children outside to let off some steam! Thanks to the orientation of the plot the plentiful gardens have areas that face the East, South and West, allowing the family to enjoy the sun all day.

The composite decking around the property allows the children an outdoor area to play on when the lawn is saturated and a relaxing area for the parents to observe the children and enjoy the garden.

The family have accessorised their deck with stylish flowers borders, potted plants and functional outdoor furniture, including a family size picnic bench, parasol and comfortable cushions and chairs. The furniture while practical also brings style and beauty to the space turning it into an outdoor extension of the home. The flowerbeds, spaced between the lawn and the decking allows for a partition between the two different areas. Adding the terracotta potted plants to the composite decking brings a subtle splash of natural colour to the light grey deck creating an attractive, chic deck.


Having the low maintenance properties of Cladco Composite Decking on the property creates a perfect area to, eat alfresco or socialise, or unwind. The family will not have to worry about the deck rotting, warping or splitting like traditional timber decks.


When designing their home, the couple took a modern twist on a traditional English home. Making sure to not knock down the house, and instead used recycling and sustainable methods of building from existing materials, when possible. This sustainable way of renovating also ensured continuity in the brickwork of the house, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding areas and homes in the cul-de-sac.

If you are interested in adding Cladco Composite Decking to your home, to encourage outside living, for aesthetic or just want a quote. Please visit the Cladco Composite Decking product page or contact the sales team on 01837 659901

All images have been supplied by Bovingdon Homes, read about the project in detail in the January issue of Self Build and Design.