Isle Architects have created this sleek and modern garden building to be utilised as an art studio using Cladco Composite Cladding and Decking in Charcoal. Hidden between trees, this is the perfect artist’s retreat.

Cladco Composite Cladding and Decking Charcoal Garden Art Studio

They have opted for our Composite Cladding Boards in a smooth Original finish for a seamless, contemporary design. These have been paired with our Composite Decking Boards in a Woodgrain Effect for an authentic and traditional timber look.

Cladco Composite Cladding and Decking Charcoal Garden Art Studio

Charcoal is the chosen colour for both products to blend in with the woodland surroundings and not stick out.

The addition of bifold doors means summer days in the art studio can be spent looking into the garden, getting creative inspiration from the nature around you. This garden building could double up as a place for guests to stay or a place to curl up and read a book.

Isle Architects wanted a low-maintenance material with minimal time to upkeep and an easy installation process, this led to their decision to select Cladco Composite Decking and Cladding. The products’ 10-year guarantees were also a factor in their decision to choose our Composite Decking and Cladding.

Compared to traditional timber products, our Composite Decking and Cladding Boards do not need to be sanded, varnished or treated and are resistant to UV rays, pests and insects.

As well as Charcoal, these two products are available in a range of contemporary colours including Redwood, Olive Green, Ivory, Teak, Coffee, Light Grey and Stone Grey.

Both our Composite Cladding and Decking are made from 100% recycled materials, consisting of 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastic. This makes it an environmentally friendly material, which is important to many customers.

Isle Architects designed this building with our Composite Cladding installed vertically, producing an illusion of increased height. For further information regarding installation, visit our Installation Guides.

Our Composite Decking Boards seen in this project feature an authentic Woodgrain Effect, replicating the finish of traditional timber decking. The main difference between the two is a longer life and less maintenance with our Composite Decking Boards

You can expect scratch and stain resistance, keeping your Decking in top notch condition throughout the seasons.

Cladco Composite Cladding and Decking Charcoal Garden Art Studio room

You may want to add our Fascia Boards or our Bullnose Boards to your Decking to have a complete project. You can find other useful accessories in our Trims and Fixings section.

Cladco Composite Decking swatch in Charcoal
Cladco Composite Cladding swatch in Charcoal

Our Composite Cladding Boards are utilised as a modern yet environmentally conscious timber alternative.

These Boards are sold in two finishes Woodgrain and Original. Isle Architects have chosen the Original finish for a contemporary aesthetic, but our Woodgrain finish is exceptional for replicating more traditional features.

Your cladding project can be completed with matching Corner Trims and other Accessories which can be found in our Trims and Fixings section.

To receive free Samples of our Composite Decking or Cladding range, take a look at our Samples page.

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