Wo-man Cave Ltd create bespoke garden areas for your home, allowing you to gain more space without needing to move. Their projects range from outdoor bars to office garden rooms, using a variety of contemporary materials to achieve different aesthetics for their customers.

We want to showcase how Wo-man Cave Ltd have used our Products to produce a range of inspiring projects.

A bar with stools and a neon sign

In the above project, a fun outdoor bar area, Wo-man Cave Ltd have used a selection of Cladco Products. Our Composite Decking can be seen in both Charcoal and Stone Grey, for a contrasting effect, and our Composite Cladding in Charcoal is installed vertically at the bar area.

Alongside these products, you can also find our Galvanised Corrugated Cladding Sheets behind the bar, for an industrial aesthetic.

Our Composite Cladding Boards are an excellent alternative to traditional timber, with low maintenance needed. An easy installation process consists of a tongue-and-groove method where the Boards slot together, hiding the screws as a result.

Cladco Composite Cladding Garden Room Light Grey
Cladco Composite Cladding Garden Room Stone Grey evening

In this bespoke garden room created by Wo-man Cave Ltd, our Light Grey Original Composite Cladding has been installed vertically, with contrasting black bifold doors, for a contemporary finish.

Made from 40% recycled plastics and 60% recycled hardwood fibres, Cladco Composite Cladding is a sustainable choice of material to build with.

Our Stone Grey Composite Cladding is joined by a beautiful full length window, added in to allow light to flow through this stylish garden office room. This extra space can be used for an array of activities, from an art studio to a games room.

Wondering how to install our Composite Decking and Cladding Boards? Head to our Installation Guidesfor simple to follow steps, including tools required, preparation needed and aftercare for your project.

Cladco Composite Cladding Garden Room Stone Grey landscape

As seen in this project by Wo-man Cave Ltd, we offer Corner Trims to create a seamless design. These Trims can be used along the corners of the Cladding on your building, or along the frame of windows and doors.  You can choose to use matching Corner Trims or you can opt for a contrasting colour for a striking effect.

Cladco Composite Cladding can be installed with normal woodworking tools, leading to a hassle-free process.

Cladco Olive Green Composite Cladding is ideal for making a garden room blend in with the natural surroundings, especially when they feature plenty of trees and plants.

In this sloping garden, Wo-man Cave Ltd have utilised the space and added our Composite Cladding beneath the Decking to create a flat and usable surface.

Discover our free Composite Decking and Cladding Samples if you are undecided on which colour to go for, or if you would just like a closer look at the product before making your purchase.

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