Choosing a low maintenance fencing option is important to many homeowners looking to keep costs down and upkeep to a minimum. Fencing can be one of the first things you see when entering a property or gardens, so whilst people are looking for low maintenance options, the aesthetics are also important. There are many types of maintenance free fencing styles to discover, so keep reading to find out more.

composite fence with lights
composite fencing with lights

Quick Summary

comparison table of low maintenance fencing options

Understanding Low Maintenance Fencing

Fence materials that require little to no upkeep are categorised as low maintenance fencing, for example, a Composite Fence. This is appealing to a large audience as it saves money and time in the long run that would be spent cleaning and maintaining garden fence panels.

Other benefits of having a garden fence with low maintenance include:

  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Aesthetics
  • Adding value to a property
  • Environmental aspects
  • Protection
  • Privacy

Types of Low Maintenance Fences

Composite Fencing


Composite Fences are a modern, long-lasting alternative to traditional timber fencing. A favourable choice for many, composite fencing is an ultimate solution and an environmentally friendly option created from composite materials of a mixture of recycled hardwood fibres and recycled plastic. Composite Fences are a durable and hard-wearing ultimate solution that will stand the test of time. We offer eight colours of Composite Fencing, so they do not require paint work.

Cladco Composite Fencing comes in four carefully chosen colours, so our customers can decide what style they want to go for to compliment their gardens. We offer free Sample Packs if you are struggling to make a choice. You can find a variety of Fencing Materials to complete your project on our website, from Fence Posts to Fencing Rails.

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Vinyl Fencing

white vinyl fence in garden

Made from a synthetic plastic polymer, vinyl fencing materials are a popular choice for picket fencing, privacy fencing and more. Vinyl fence panels are resistant to damage from rot, decay and insects, so are often used in place of a classic timber material. There is no need for staining, sealing or painting vinyl fences and they are usually available in a variety of colours to suit different style preferences. Gates are usually available to match and unlike a steel fence, do not rust.

Vinyl fence panels are easier to install than a lot of other fence panels, requiring less labour and tools which leads to a cheaper project overall. These fence panels are often seen in a garden space.

On average, a vinyl fence costs anywhere between £30-£120 per panel.

Aluminium Fencing

black aluminium fencing

Aluminium fencing is a durable option when it comes to choosing a garden fence material with very little maintenance. Unlike wrought iron or steel fences, aluminium fences are corrosion and rust-resistant, so have a longer life expectancy; some have a powder coating which enhances these properties. If you are looking for a security fence material with no upkeeping needed, aluminium with powder coating is your best match.

Aluminium is a relatively environmentally friendly option with a choice of colours, often originating from recycled materials, it is also able to be recycled if you wish to take your garden fence down. Safety fences are often constructed from aluminium due to its strength, meaning it is secure, impossible to destroy and difficult to climb. You can also purchase gates to match.

The cost of garden aluminium fence panels can vary between £26 to over £100, depending on the supplier.

Aluminium Vinyl Fencing


Aluminium-vinyl fences combine the strength of Aluminium fences with the low maintenance of vinyl fencing. Made with hassle-free installation in mind, unlike wrought iron or steel fences, vinyl aluminum fencing usually comes with clear and easy to follow instruction; so it is often chosen by home owners looking to do some DIY garden fence building.

Aluminium-vinyl fences can come in a range of decorative colours and styles to match your garden space or outdoor area. This garden fencing material is resistant to warping or changing colour, however, does not create the safest security barrier if you have pets or children.

Chain Link Fencing


Chain link metal fencing is a common choice for schools, residential homes, garden areas and more. This is due to its strength and durability paired with its high visibility, which can also be perceived as a negative if you are looking for a secure and private fence. A chain link fence can last for many years requiring little maintenance, if any, making a strong choice for people with a tight budget.

Easy to install and very low maintenance needed, chain link metal fencing is a quick and simple option for many. It is not the most appealing or decorative designed fence, so if you are after an aesthetic option one of our other choices of low maintenance fencing may be better suited to you.

One of the cheapest fencing options, chain link metal fencing starts at around £45 and can go up depending on the amount, installation and individual requirements.

Cedar Fencing


Cedar Fencing is hard-wearing, sturdy and boasts many benefits. Unlike other wood fencing, Cedar fences withstand splitting, warping and rotting which means it requires little maintenance and is a strong choice. Known to hold its colour, Cedar wood fencing keeps its original tone longer than other wood fences. There is no need to treat Cedar wood fences with chemicals, but staining is recommended to preserve colour for a longer period, you do not have to worry about rusting unlike with a steel fence.

Cedar wood fencing is an aesthetically pleasing choice, with appealing colours, which many people use for garden spaces, properties and privacy fences. The strength of cedar wood allows fences to be built in a range of heights for increased visual and audible privacy/security without creating holes or gaps. You can also purchase gates to match.

Individual Cedar wood fencing panels start at a price of £3.90 per metre, the rest is dependent on the type of Cedar wood and the installation costs.

Bamboo Fencing


Bamboo fencing is made from poles of Bamboo plants, creating a natural and tropical feel to your garden lawn. Using Bamboo as a maintenance free fencing material is a sustainable option as it is fast-growing after harvest and absorbs toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide. A great maintenance free fencing option with little time needed to installed.

No fence posts are required when using bamboo wood fencing, so this makes it quick and easy to set up. Bamboo can come in a range of colours/shades of brown naturally, but you can also paint it to accommodate your style ideas.

The cost of a garden bamboo fence panel ranges between £14.99 to £80, due to different styles and sizes being available.

Cost Analysis of Fencing Options

When it comes to the cost of purchasing your fence, it can vary depending on the material. Some fence options are cheaper but require further installation costs, whereas other fence options are more expensive but do not cost as much to be installed.

The average cost of each garden fencing material per foot:

  • Vinyl - £20-£40

  • Aluminium - £20-£40

  • Vinyl-Aluminium - £20-£40

  • Chain link - £10-£20

  • Cedar - £20

  • Bamboo - £5 - £15

You must consider the ongoing costs of maintaining, cleaning and upkeeping your fence when looking to purchase a new one. Many fences are cheap to buy but will not last you very long and require constant maintenance and cleaning - low maintenance fencing is when you are not required to perform much upkeep, saving you time, money and hassle.

Choosing The Right Low Maintenance Fencing

When choosing a low maintenance or maintenance free fencing option, it is essential to consider other factors such as cost, aesthetics, durability and more.

The cost of your maintenance free fencing is one of the most important factors when looking to purchase. Fence Panels can vary in cost depending on the fencing materials. The average price for singular garden fencing panels is between £30-£50, so it is also subject to how large your fence needs to be and how much you will need to purchase.



In conclusion, low/maintenance free fencing is important for a range of reasons, saving time and money being a priority. You do not need to compromise on styles, security, colours or anything else to use maintenance free fencing, as these options provide plenty of choices.

It is recommended to carefully consider your options when it comes to maintenance free fences, as each material offers a range of unique selling points. A fence is a prominent view in an outdoor area/garden, which is one of the reasons why it is vital to perform research into your fence options before it is installed. You can create alternative aesthetics depending on how you would like your fence to appear, with colours, styles and materials.

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