A glimpse into the History of Cladco Profiles

Cladco Profiles was established in 1972 by Leslie Trescher, the business at the time was solely a roofing sheet business and was created in a unique and small village called Inwardleigh, based just outside of Okehampton, Devon.

Cladco has seen their success through constantly striving to improve and innovate on products and processes.

Considering the business began in the early 70s, the Trescher family only hired their first employee, Bob, in 2000, to assist with the growing demand for products.

Les’ son Lawrence, current owner of Cladco Profiles, has worked since 1982 to make Cladco the successful business that it is today, employing over 70 staff. In 2007 the company decided to invest in new production machines, enabling the business to offer a fourth roofing sheet profile, Tileform.

To this day Cladco is the UK's leading supplier of Roofing Sheets and Composite Decking.

Cladco evolved further in 2013, when CEO, Lawrence, extensively researched the composite market and created the composite decking range. Which, has since become a vital part of the business.

Cladco is now a successful business with two core lines, steel sheeting and composite products. The marketing of both products has been unique to the customer and as such has taken two very different styles of marketing over the years.

The logos have seen change over the decades, much like the business, transforming from one blue logo to the green and blue logos, Cladco has been operating with for the last few years.

Although the company has expanded and grown a considerable amount since the early days, the business has never lost its family roots.

Why the need for a rebrand?

With the business such a success and the company expanding, it can be an interesting question of why the need for a rebrand? The answer was a fairly simple one, essentially the two sides of the business need to unify and become one.

Cladco operates with a unified sense that both areas of the business are just as important and both the Decking and the Roofing sides are given the same care and attention.

Before the rebrand, Cladco went through extensive analysis of customers, market research, staff feedback, marketing material audits and overall training to be able to create and design the new branding for the business.

Which consisted of the creation of one unique colour pallet, meaning both the composite decking and steel sheeting can be advertised under one colour scheme. Enabling Cladco to have a hierarchal logo structure to ensure the right content on websites, printed material and social media platforms is delivered to the correct audience. Making it easier, for customers to follow, interact and keep up to date with the part of the business they are most interested in.

What's changed within Cladco?

From a customer point of view, there is not a huge amount of change. Cladco will still offer high-quality, sustainable, products at a competitive price, as well as endeavouring to provide outstanding customer service and support.

The rebrand was a complete company overhaul, with every aspect of the business having a facelift with new websites, brochures, sample packs, trucks signs, anything in and out of the public eye has been rebranded.

Cladco staff have all had new uniform provided and received a goodie pack on the day of the launch with pens, mugs, keyrings and cake. (Head to the Cladco Profiles Social Pages to see more about the goodie bags.)

So now Cladco has re-branded, what does the future hold?

One of the important aspects of the re-branding was to futureproof the business, having one set of colouring and branding guidelines has enabled Cladco to further develop into more innovative and exciting product ranges and not be limited by design.

Cladco has worked tirelessly creating product designs, improvements, business objectives and are constantly working on ways to improve the company.

Part of the re-brand was to ensure that Cladco has a mission statement, which affirms what the business represents and encourages all employees to work collectively to ensure the company adheres to the statement.

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