Slatted wall panelling is an ever growing trend with people looking to add some personalisation and creativity to their property. One of the top applications of slatted wall panels is to create a TV accent wall.

Eco friendly materials are increasingly important, so when looking for a material to use for your slatted feature wall it may be one of your considerations. Some people are interested in slat wall panels due to their acoustic properties.

Cladco Internal Slatted Wall Panels are made from MDF wood slats that are fixed onto a recycled PET felt base, which is manufactured from post-consumer plastic bottles. Our Internal Slat Wall Panels are acoustically rated for increased sound absorption, perfect for rooms with TVs and music rooms.

What is a Slatted TV Wall?

A slatted TV wall is a type of feature wall constructed of panels made from wood or materials that resemble wood. Traditionally, slatted panels were built with simple timber lengths, however, there is now a range of other materials that are easier to install, have better acoustic properties and are more cost effective.

The aesthetic appeal of a TV accent wall is the main reason for people wanting to install them. They are a pleasing focal point to look at, adding texture and depth to your interior without mess or hassle. TV accent walls can be installed to create a modern space in your living room, bedroom or anywhere in your house with a television.

Design Ideas and Inspiration

Discover a few examples of how people have created a TV accent wall in their home, and how our customers have used our Internal Slatted Panels to do so. We hope this can spark some creative ideas to help you with your DIY project.

Full slat wall with Cladco Internal Slatted Wall Panels

Cover the full television wall in your living room with our Internal Acoustic Panels. Here you can see our Golden Pine colour achieving the look and texture of classic wood slats. As seen here, you can make cut-outs in your Panels to make space for plugs, switches and other wall fixtures.

Cladco Internal Slatted Wall Panels in Golden Pine TV wall

Install our Internal Slatted Panels on either side of the TV

Frame your TV with Cladco Internal Slatted Wall Panels at each end of the wall; these premium materials create the wow factor when walking into your living room space. With the addition of hanging light bulbs, this creates a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

Cladco Internal Slatted Wall Panels in Golden Pine on each side of wall

Add in colourful wall panels to create a more creative space

You could opt for a different style by buying coloured slats or decorating the wood slats you already have ready for your project with paint. Each wood slat could be painted the same colour, or you could feature a range of paint colours for a creative piece of art.

Green painted wood slats installed on a TV wall

Material Selection and Sustainability

TV accent walls can use a range of different materials, including sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and composite plastics. If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your project you can go for one of these. Cladco Internal Slatted Panels are made from wood-veneered MDF slats built onto a recycled PET black felt backing, made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

The use of different materials in your interior will affect the aesthetics of your room; some will create a more contemporary look while others are great options for traditional decor. DIY slat walls with timber wood slats may look more rustic and composite slats will give a more contemporary feel.

Our Internal Slat Wall Panels are a great way of creating a modern display with the traditional look of wooden slats thanks to the featured authentic woodgrain surfaces. Opting for our Panels ensures a quick, simple and smooth installation process compared to other materials, such as an individual wood slat method. You can install each Panel with the adhesive or the screw method, depending on your preference.

Enhancing Your Home Theatre Experience

If you are looking to improve your home theatre experience, Cladco Internal Slat Wall Panels are the perfect choice. With sound absorption and acoustic properties, you can expect enhanced audio for cinema-style viewing. The acoustic performance of our Internal Wall Panels can be further enhanced by the installation of 45mm battens and the addition of sound insulation material between the battens and Wall Panels.

Our Internal Slatted Panels make it easy to hide cables and wires and incorporate speakers and other devices into the design of your wall. This is very important when it comes to having a TV accent wall in your living room as many wires may hang loose and ruin the aesthetics, so you will want them covered. To allow room for entertainment speakers, a TV bracket or other fixtures, you can simply make cutouts in your Wall Panels around the gap needed.

You can find out more on how to do so in our Installation Guide.

Practical Installation Tips

The installation process of our Slat Wall Panels is simple and quick, whether you are creating a full length feature wall or just adding a bit of texture to your house interior. You can choose to purchase 2.4m x 600mm width or 600mm x 600mm width, depending on your preferences.

Where you have to install a classic timber wood slat wall with singular slats, our Wall Panels come in lengths with several slats on each one, majorly decreasing the time needed to be installed. With wood-veneered MDF built onto a felt backing, our Internal Panels are lightweight and easy to move around your house.

To install Cladco Internal Slat Wall Panels, you can choose to either use a grab adhesive (CT1 Sealant and Adhesive) or screws to attach them onto your wall. Both screws and adhesive applications are simple to follow with our step by step process. Before installation you will need to prepare your wall by making sure any damage, nails or dirt are removed to ensure a smooth and secure process.

  • Installation with screws

    Installing your Internal Slatted Panels with screws is a simple process, here are the steps below:

  1. Measure and cut Panels.

  2. Align Panels.

  3. Mark out screw holes.

  4. Pre-drill holes and fit to wall.

  • Installation with adhesive

    If you choose to apply your Internal Slatted Wall Panels using adhesive, you will have a quick and easy process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Apply adhesive to Panel.

  2. Adhere Panel to wall.

Tips to remember

  • Do not apply Panels outside.

  • Do not install Panels on a wet surface.

  • Avoid cutting your Panels indoors.

  • Follow safety instructions when using tools such as saws and knives.

  • Ensure Panels are fixed securely to the wall with either method and line up.

Discover our Installation Guide to discover more details on how to effectively install your Slatted Panels. Also included in our Guides are FAQ's and aftercare advice. To clean your Panels simply use a damp cloth with mild soap, but be careful not to use too much water.


In conclusion, a slat wall is a great way to achieve a focal point in your living rooms, especially when installed behind your TV. Instead of painting or wallpapering, why not take a look at our Internal Slat Wall Panel for your future projects? You can choose between our two installation methods for a quick and hassle free project; applying with adhesive or installing with screws.

A big factor in your choice of which material to use is your personal style preferences. You may want to use a Panel in place of art or you may want to cover your whole wall and add lighting features. Four contemporary colours are available in our Slat Wall Panels to complement your style: Gold Pine, Pebble Grey, Antique Oak and Espresso. These colours replicate authentic wood shades and a woodgrain finish, for a realistic wood slat look without the hassle.