Cladco Olive Green Composite Decking area

Low maintenance decking is increasing in demand with homeowners looking to save cost and time. There is a variety of low maintenance decking options to discover, including Premium PVC Decking and Composite Decking. Maintenance-free decking is a popular choice.

We have seen more and more people opting for these low maintenance decking options, instead of traditional wood, and want to give you an insight as to why this might be. In this blog we will discuss why our Premium PVC Decking and Composite Decking Boards are a top choice for your garden project.

Maintenance Drawbacks of Timber Decking

You may be wondering, is it simpler to just opt for traditional timber decking as it is cheap, quick to install and easy to maintain?

In terms of longevity and durability, timber decking does have its drawbacks. Regular cleaning will be needed to remove debris, dirt and build-up from your wood decking, this will keep the aesthetic up and ensure a fresh-looking area is maintained.

Stains, varnishes and oils can be used to extend your wooden decking life and keep it looking presentable and refreshed. It is recommended to brush wood decking every week to remove debris and to use a stiff bristle brush regularly to remove more stubborn algae and leaves; a soft bristled brush may not remove enough. It is vital to replace rotten or damaged wood boards to prevent further problems.


Introducing Cladco Composite and PVC Decking

Cladco PVC Capstock Decking and Composite Decking are contemporary options when it comes to low maintenance decking materials. In comparison to wooden decking, both of these materials will require little upkeep. It is impossible to have a completely maintenance free decking, but our options are the closest you can get to a maintenance free deck.

Cladco Premium PVC Capstock Decking is a high-quality decking material with a luxury, authentic wood effect for a natural look in a choice of six colours. Constructed from a dense PVC core encased in an ultra-resilient ASA resin, these Boards need minimal maintenance and are a durable option.

Our PVC Capstock Decking is scratch, weather, fade and stain resistant for a long-lasting and low maintenance deck area. Due to its superior moisture resistance, our Capstock Decking will protect against mould, mildew, rotting and warping. With a 20-year guarantee, this Decking material is the perfect choice for elevating your garden.

Cladco Cedarwood PVC Capstock Decking area

Cladco Composite Decking is composed of recycled plastic and wood materials, making a modern and low maintenance option with composite materials. With a selection of eight attractive colours, you can choose a colour and style to match your outdoor space.

If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to timber wood decking, our Composite Decking is a reliable choice of surface and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Composite Decking fade is limited and will retain its colour without painting. Our Composite Deck Boards are wider, thicker and more robust than the majority of similar products available.

Cladco Stone Grey Composite Decking area

One of the key factors in opting for our Capstock Decking and Composite Decking is that, in comparison to wood deck materials, they do not require treating prior to installation. With increased durability and resistant properties, our Decking materials are already protected.

Decking materials comparison table

No sanding required

Sanding wooden decking

To create a smooth finish, many timber decks will require sanding prior to installation. Sanding your wood decking materials will also eliminate the risk of splintering. Cladco Composite and PVC Decking do not need to be sanded and are resistant to splintering, unlike wood.

No staining required

Staining wooden timber decking board

Timber decking will require staining every 3-5 years. This will provide protection against UV and help to conserve the colour of your decking material. With our PVC and Composite Deck, no staining or painting is required.

Our PVC Deck materials are extremely durable, highly UV and sun resistant and will not fade for a long lasting deck. They are protected against moisture damage to prevent mould, mildew, rot and warping issues.

No treatment required

Treating timber decking with brush

Other treatments that are essential for maintaining natural wood decking include oiling, varnishing and more. Treating timber material ensures it is protected and aesthetically pleasing for your outdoor space. Cladco Composite Deck Boards and PVC Decking do not need to be treated as they are already protected with scratch and fade resistance.

Power washing dirty timber decking

When making a purchase of our PVC Capstock Boards, you can expect reduced cleaning requirements and a virtually maintenance free decking, spills and debris should easily wipe off with warm soapy water to leave the Boards as good as new.

Our Composite Deck materials also have little maintenance required, some tough dirt may need a pressure washer on occasion.

Timber decking can develop mildew, rot and mould due to rain, snow and other weather conditions. Cracks in timber decking can make space for such a thing to grow.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cladco Silver Birch PVC Capstock Decking area

When it comes to the initial costs of installing your deck, Composite, PVC and timber all have varying prices. You will also need to factor in lifetime costs associated with maintenance for a comparable cost analysis.

Ongoing maintenance costs include cleaning, treating and replacing damaged deck boards. To allow your outdoor space to look fresh and new, it is important to keep your deck sufficiently maintained. As our PVC and Composite Decking Boards are low maintenance, you can expect a reduced ongoing cost.

Timber decking requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, staining and oiling, this means more time and money spent on upkeep.

When it comes to value for money, it depends on a variety of factors such as maintenance, product price and installation. Our Premium PVC Decking Boards are priced at £49.50 and are a long term investment. They will require little to no maintenance throughout their life, with a substantial 20-year guarantee.

Our Composite Decking starts at £14.26 per Board, which is cheaper but will come with, still low, but slightly more maintenance and a 10-year guarantee.

Cladco Timber Decking costs £15.98 per Board - you may prefer these for a more traditional wood finish - but they will come with a little extra time and maintenance.

Installing Cladco Composite and PVC Decking

Cladco Stone Grey Composite Decking area with timber framing

Cladco Composite Decking has a simple installation process that includes slotting the Composite Deck Boards into place with T-Clips. Our handy installation guide goes into detail on how to navigate each step.

Cladco PVC Capstock Decking Boards are straightforward to install onto your timber framework. Hidden Deck Fasteners and screws are used to secure your decking into place.

You may think that other materials of decking, in comparison to timber, are more difficult to install, however, this is not the case. Both our PVC and Composite Decking materials have simple and easy to follow installation guides, and you can find all Decking Accessories needed to complete your project.

Similar to wood decking, both Cladco PVC and Composite Decking require a frame of joists to create structure underneath your deck.

Find out more about how to install Cladco Composite Decking with our useful YouTube video.


Cladco Ash Grey Premium PVC Decking area

In summary, all decking materials we discussed have various benefits, but when it comes to keeping a low maintenance decking it is clear that Cladco PVC and Composite Decking are at the top of the list.

There are many benefits to installing a low maintenance decking surface, including saving costs, time and hassle. It is usually expected that all deck materials will need some sort of maintenance during their lifetime, such as pressure washing or wiping off food and drink marks. Apart from your average cleaning, our PVC and Composite Deck Boards will not take up much of your time or energy to preserve their appearance.

With PVC Capstock Decking, you do not need to worry about rot or cracks appearing. Come rain, sun or snow this choice of Decking will stand its ground!

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