ISO what is it?

‘International Standards for Quality Systems Management’ ISO for short. Companies can opt into the scheme to be awarded an accreditation. Agreed Management Standards, agreed worldwide, which ISO standards authorities check if businesses are adhering to, before awarding the accreditation.

Customers, competitors and suppliers can see that companies who are awarded with ISO certificates are reputable businesses.

There are three main/ most sort after ISO certificates:  ISO45001 (Health and Safety) ISO14001 (Environment), and ISO9001 (Overall Business quality). Each ISO certificates are rewarded by an independent certification body, such as QMS. The regulatory body will conduct routine audits ensuring companies are maintaining processes aligned with ISO regulations.

If once the company has gained the accreditation but is not upholding the set standards and requirements, the accreditation may be removed.

Cladco Profiles are honored to have received three ISO accreditations by regulatory body, QMS International in: ISO045001:2018, ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015


ISO accreditations – How to receive them?

Undergoing multiple audits and consultations is the first stage which businesses must go through before earning their ISO accreditation.

Spring 2019 the initial stage of consultancy for ISO 9001 happened for Cladco. A couple of auditors came to inspect the company, comparing how our procedures and systems compared to the ISO criteria. After the audit, the consultants provided us with a checklist of procedures and policies which had to be changed/implemented. Several which to happen in a shorter time-frame, ideally. Including creating and adhering to maintenance rotors for equipment and machines. For some requirements we were given up to a year to implement - a record of contracts and suppliers and complaint procedure.

A second audit will occur, normally after a set amount of time, for us this was in the space of four weeks. The second audit is the chance to highlight and of the urgent issues your business has to change. These will then be marked against ISO9001 criteria.  If the criteria have been met, your company will then be awarded the relevant ISO accreditation.

In April 2019 we were awarded our ISO 9001 certification.  

Following the initial receiving of the award, an external inspection will take place around a year later. The external auditor will check the company’s management systems and procedures, making sure they are in line with the standards required. If the standards are met the company will be allowed to keep their accreditation if everything previously raised was still in line with the ISO criteria.

Businesses will continue to be audited, to make sure they are still following ISO requirements. Audits could be spaced as far as three years in-between.  

July, 2020 Cladco passed the external audit successfully.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a management tool most widely used worldwide, covering all business-related procedures from design and development, customer feedback, guiding businesses to constantly making changes and improvements in their procedures, ensuring companies have the correct services in place to satisfy customer needs. Also helping companies set a framework to benefit customers, employees, and stakeholders.

The Seven Stages of Management are the main points which ISO9001 are based off of, if you’re wanting to gain the ISO9001 accreditation your business will need to follow and implement the following:


Customer Focused – Companies must consistently be working to meet customers’ needs and requirements, aiming to continuedly exceed their expectations.


Leadership –Ensure all staff have and know the objectives of the company, which they can work towards with a sense of purpose. Clear leadership for the company, to motivate and drive staff working together towards company aims.


People Engagement – Businesses whos’ leadership teams are able to encourage their employees to work together to achieve company aims will more likely succeed these aims, as staff will be willing and able to work as a successful team.


Process Approach - Having resources and processes in place for all staff to use will rapidly reduce the amount of accidents, and lapses in accuracy occurring. Mutually benefitting both employees and customers.


Improvement – To constantly advance and improve the company, a constantly improving and evolving process system must be in place. 


Decision Making based on Evidence – throughout the company, all changes to be made must have evidence of accurate data backing. 


Relationship Management –Nurturing relationships with contractors and suppliers which is mutually beneficial to positively impact your business.



August 2019 the process for receiving ISO 14001:2015 started.

ISO14001;2015 is relating to the standard for managing the environmental impact businesses have  and is an additional accreditation, attached to the previously mentioned ISO9001.

Companies whom have the ISO14001 reward, receive it when, if following the required standards and procedures set by international bodies, are an environmentally sound business.

To receive the bolt on accreditation, business follow the same steps as before, only difference being instead of quality of management, auditors are checking companies’ environmental processes. Such as:


The disposing and storing of all on-site substances including Cooling fluids, coffee, tea, fairy liquid, battery fluid, diesel, varnishes, lighter fluid, and petrol.  


Waste, ensuring all products, packaging and items are removed from site and then disposed in a way that is environmentally sound.


Making sure all noise from loading, unloading, rolling and cutting sheets is kept within the legal limits. Also ensuring all noise occurs at a suitable time.


Ensuring that pollution is kept to a minimum, vehicles are not left ideal (Euro six complaint).


Ensuring that when possible water is filtered before being drained into the ground. Having an underground drain beneath the site allowing us to be ISO14001 complacent

The acquired certification was then received in November 2019. In November 2020 we will have to undergo another audit by an external surveyor.



ISO45001, The Standard of Health and Safety within the Workplace, is engineered to prevent unnecessary accidents happening. 0.6million staff members received injuries at work, of them, 147 people suffered fatal injuries while at work between the years of 2018 and 2019.

As this is another bolt-on certification, from ISO9001, most of the required actions were already existing from the initial ISO9001 criteria. Criteria such as machine service and maintenance schedules, and training and sign off on all machines, so authorized members of staff only were allowed to use machines, if they understood and followed the right procedure.  

In March 2020, just as the UK was headed towards a coronavirus, the process to obtain our ISO45001:2018 accreditation began. We received our certification virtually on the April 17th 2020. An audit conducted by an external body has been scheduled for April 2021.


Cladco is one of the small percentage of businesses within the UK to have been accredited for all three ISO certifications, we are proud of our efforts and will be continuing to improve our care of the environment, our customers and the safety of our employees.