Owning a Composite Deck not only creates an area of visual interest outside, but is a great way to tidy up garden zones and add practicality to your living space.

Composite Decking is a fantastic way to expand your outdoor living space, allowing you to create an area to relax, dine, entertain in and so much more.

Cladco is one of the UK's leading Composite Decking Brands and specialises in Composite products that are low maintenance, high quality, environmentally friendly and available in a variety of colour options.

Once you have installed your new Composite Decking, however, it can be challenging to know how to style it so that it's not only in keeping the rest of your garden - but a reflection of your personality and design preferences too.

birds eye view of a garden with decking and a hammock
Composite Decking ideas - bring your Deck to life with accecssories, plants and furniture

Naturally, you'll want to get the most out of your new Composite Decking by adding tables/chairs/social areas - but what other design elements and add-ons can you include to ensure your new deck stands out from the crowd and is unique to you?

Adding an Al Fresco Dining Area

The obvious choice when it comes to adding interest to your Composite Decking Area is to add a dining table and chairs.

In the UK, the warmer months and longer evenings are few and far between, with many homeowners making the most of the extra sun exposure by eating alfresco and spending time on their Composite Deck long into the evenings.

Whether you choose to sit with your morning coffee alone or entertain family and friends with a bottle or two of wine and a feast cooked on the barbeque - a good set of chairs and a sturdy table is a surefire way to make the most of your Deck (with a south facing garden being an added bonus!).

rattan dining set on light grey decking
Composite Decking Boards in Light Grey with Stone Grey Bullnose edges, for a social dining set up

Unlike natural wood, Composite Deck Boards are splinter, rot and warp resistant - so there is no need to worry about heavy footfall causing any damage, or small children/pets injuring themselves when entertaining or hosting garden parties.

Cladco Woodgrain Stone Grey Composite Decking with metal seating and table
alfresco dining area on ivory decking
Extend your kitchen/diner into the garden. This Deck Project acts as a seamless dining extension from the kitchen

Style your Deck with Plants and Pots

So, you've selected your dining furniture for your Deck - but what about those additional composite decking ideas that make your outdoor living space even more appealing?

One of the answers to this is plants and lots of them! Potted plants are a great way to style up your composite decking area, they add instant natural beauty and can be moved around or used to cover deck joists/joins or any imperfections caused when laying decking, that you do not want on show.

You can mix up colours, sizes and types to create your own mini jungle, or simply add one pot or two. They make a great addition to any garden - especially those that are not blessed with a lawn or natural flower beds.

teak decking in a garden with lots of potted plants
Cladco Composite Boards in Teak have been bought to life with a variety of bright pots and plants
Woodgrain Composite Deck with Bullnose Deck Boards on the step edges
Woodgrain Composite Deck with Bullnose Deck Boards on the step edges

Composite Decking materials have a low water absorption rate, so after watering your potted plants, your Decking will still be as good as new.


Adding Communal Seating and Social Areas

If you don't have the square meterage or are simply opting out of having a dining furniture set in your new Composite Decking space - then a comfortable seating area is one of the other most important elements you can use to add both character and style to your decking.

The colour, practicality, size and placement all are decisions to be taken into consideration if you want to complement your Decking.

As you can see in the image below, this homeowner has chosen a large corner seating area in black with white cushions, to tone in with the Grey Composite Decking and utilise the available space.

The addition of the large, overhead pergola adds a built-up feeling, creating the illusion that the entire deck is its own outdoor room.

Light Grey Decking Boards with a built in pergola and large seating area
Cladco Composite Light Grey Decking Boards with a built in pergola and large seating area

Soft furnishings alongside the natural-looking wood Deck below bring pops of colour into an otherwise neutral palette - brightly coloured cushions can be easily added or taken away and provide a quick design update to the space. Many cushions now come in waterproof materials meaning they are just as easy to maintain as the Composite Decking materials themself.

PVC Decking in Cedar Wood with a tattan sofa
Cellular PVC: Cladco Premium PVC Decking in Cedar Wood replicates the look of timber decking without the hassle
Composite Deck accessorised with an outdoor corner sofa
A small Cladco Composite Deck accessorised with an outdoor corner sofa, matching white parasol and scandi-style chairs

Fire Pits for Warmth

So you've got your seating sorted - but what about as the sun goes down? How can you ensure your new decking area is just as warm, comfortable and suited to evening use as well as daytime?

These Composite Decking customers chose to add a fire pit system to their outdoor space, whilst protecting their Deck Boards with small stones and gravel.

The central fire pits provide warmth on chilly evenings and allow a focal point when entertaining guests.

Both fire pits have been fitted with Composite Bullnose Boards around the edge to create a picture frame effect.

*Always ensure you check the fire rating on composite decking and never leave flames unattended.*

Enjoy the sunset with family, friends and a firepit - just one of the many composite decking ideas to improve your space
Picture frame effect: Stone Grey Woodgrain Composite Decking with a Bullnose Board Centrepiece for a firepit
Picture frame effect: Stone Grey Woodgrain Composite Decking with a Bullnose Board Centrepiece for a firepit

Add Ambience and Character with Alternative Lighting

Festoon lights add a contemporary feel to this small, grey Composite Decking space

Cosy lighting is another great way to customise your new Composite Decking area, you can choose from integrated lighting systems within the deck itself, the popular style of festoon lights (as pictured below), lanterns and more.

Good lighting can provide a soft, warm glow and lift darker colours as the nights draw in, and with more than one style available to complement your new space - from coloured lights to solar-powered options, there is no excuse to not spend time in your outdoor space both day and night.

String lights installed around a decking seating area
String lights installed around a decking seating area for day-to-night enjoyment

Finishing Touches: Rugs and Other Soft Furnishings

Above all, your new Composite Decking area is a place to relax and enjoy. Whether you fill your deck with flowers and furniture or simply leave it bare - it will provide you with a low-maintenance and practical outside space for years to come, with many Composite Deck Boards coming with a 10-year guarantee.

Why not bring your home comforts from the inside out, with the addition of an outside rug? They are a great way to add a warm, cosy touch to an otherwise chilly Deck, and with so many colour and design options to choose from, from soft neutrals to bold geographical prints, they can work with your colour scheme to tie all elements of your outdoor living space together seamlessly.

outdoor seating area with rugs on composite decking
Composite Decking ideas - outdoor rugs can stylishly bring together any decking board design

These days, outdoor rugs and soft furnishings are extremely versatile and multifunctional: their colourful designs bring a refreshing variation to outside seating areas and decks - and their durable material can withstand most weather conditions, much like Composite materials that have a low water absorption rate and are UV resistant

Outside decking with an outdoor rug
Decking Boards in lighter colours can be styled with most accessories - like this herringbone pattern rug
Cladco Composite Decking Boards in Ivory have been styled with a durable outdoor rug and matching accessories
Cladco Composite Decking Boards in Ivory have been styled with a durable outdoor rug and matching accessories

Want to find out more?

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*Please note fire pits should be used with caution, fire pits are used at your own risk and may not be suitable for use on the decking. Please refer to the decking fire rating certification here.

Calculate the cost and number of boards and fixings you may need using the Cladco Composite Decking Calculator.