Where to Buy Wood Decking At Online Sale Prices

Adding Decking to your property can not only create a new outdoor area to relax and socialise in but could also help increase the value of your property.

Adding a high-quality timber deck to your property is often a time-consuming and costly project. Find out how you can create a great garden deck at cheap decking prices.

Cladco Decking offers a range of high-quality timber decking at cost-effective affordable prices in a variety of lengths.

Top 3 Cheap & Quality Focused Wood Decking Companies

When looking for decking sales online and the best decking board pieces it is important to shop around. Here we have done the hard work for you and have searched for the best range of timber products at the cheapest prices.


Edecks have a range of timber decking boards, including both hardwood and softwood in decking kits and boards at online sales prices, with costs starting at £19.80 per board and kits ranging to £726. 

Savoy Decks

Savoy Decks also offer a range of timber decking boards perfect for any garden decking setup. Their products are offered in a range of lengths, woods. The prices start at £9.95 for clearance timber decking products.

Cladco Decking

Cladco Decking offers a high-quality Timber Decking Board with nationwide delivery. Cladco Decking Boards are strong, reliable and are one of the cheapest decking suppliers in the UK. The Timber Product is available at 4.8 metres long and either 150mm x 35mm or 144mm x 24mm wide priced at £12 and £14 per Board.

When building your Timber Decking, even if you're looking to build it at cheap Decking Boards prices, ensure to not skimp on quality, don't go too cheap, and have to replace the decking sooner than anticipated due to poor strength, and durability.


Cladco Decking

Cladco Decking is the UK's leading supplier in Composite Decking, offering a strong, durable and long-lasting product at the best possible price. Cladco also sells traditional Timber Deck Boards, offering the best price decking for substantial, naturally strong and attractive Boards to add to your garden.

Cladco Decking Boards start at £12 per Board.

Cladco often stock a high-quality Timber Decking Board and sell it at a low as possible price aiming to sell the best quality decking cheapest price. Cladco Timber Decking Boards are the perfect Timber Board for your garden deck, a reliable, robust and solid premium Board at the cheapest decking Boards price.

If you would like to deck your garden using Composite or PVC Decking Boards, a low-maintenance, low-slip alternative product to timber, find out if how many Boards you may need for your garden and the cost of delivery using the Cladco Decking Calculator.


Russwood, a premium decking provider, offer renewable, reusable, and biodegradable timber decking board products from £32 per board. Like any timber decking board, Russwood boards do require a level of care and maintenance to ensure they look perfect all year round for a long time to come. Russwood does offer delivery of their boards.


Woodtrend, a premium decking supplier, selling hardwood decking boards and offer delivery of their products. Price their boards and accessories at the higher end of on average £23 per board. Like all natural wood decking boards, Woodtrend boards require maintaining to achieve that great all year round perfect timber look.


Tips to save timber decking costs

If you're wanting to achieve a perfect-looking timber deck, but don't want to fork out for the stock, delivery and installation of the boards. There are a few things you can do to get the look at a cheaper price.

  • Shop around, prices differ from company to company - often stock can be priced differently for the same products across the market.

  • Timber Decking boards require a lot of time and maintenance for a high-end long-lasting deck, save time by maintaining the boards yourself rather than hiring someone.

  • Installation, see how to install your own decking boards here and save yourself some serious money!

  • Many companies offer home delivery. Delivery costs are not cheap, if possible see if you can collect your decking boards yourself. Delivery costs tend to be cheaper the more locally you shop.

Cladco Profiles have a great stock of a variety of decking board types including, PVC, Composite and Natural Timber stock.

Find out more via our website or by contacting a member of the team on 01837 659901.

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