Adding anything to your property be that, an extension, fencing, or Decking, prices and budgets are often stretched with unexpected costs. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure your Decking Project has few unexpected pricey additions, with careful planning and thorough research.

In this article, we will break down the cost of square metres of Decking Boards, how much it may cost to install and other things you may need to consider before completing your Decking installation. Most Decking can be installed either by a professional installer or by yourself as a DIY project.

Answer the questions of 'how much is decking per square metre' and what is how long will installation take by reading on.

Please note the prices mentioned within this article are correct at the time of writing in April 2021.


Article Contents

  • How much does installing decking cost?
  • Average garden decking costs
  • Average timber only decking costs
  • Labour costs and time frames
  • Additional Deck Material Costs
  • Other Factors of garden decking installation costs to consider
  • Planning your decking installation
  • Calculate your decking cost

How much does installing decking cost?

  • Materials - Including concrete/Weed Mat for the base, Joists, andScrews for the structure, and of course all the Decking Boards, Trims, and flashings. Material prices can differ depending on the range of Boards you purchase, Timber, Composite, Plastic, and PVC Decking Boards all differ in cost, find out more about the cost differences here.
  • Labour - If you're employing someone to install your garden decking, prices will vary depending on the design, square metres of decking, Decking Material, and garden location.
  • Maintenance - While Composite Decking does not require a heavy amount of maintenance, Decking Cleaning and Reviver is an additional cost to keep in mind. Timber Decking, however, requires sanding, painting, and varnishing regularly which should be accounted for in the initial decking plans.

For the average UK garden, which is between 100 and 180 square metres the cost of Composite Decking Materials could vary and could cost roughly £80 per square meter for installation costs and post-maintenance.

Don't forget if you plan on adding Decking to more than 50% of your garden (or if you have existing buildings which with the decking will equal 50% of your garden space) then you will need planning permission.

Adding Decking to your garden has a plethora of advantages including:

  • Creating a large, spacious area to entertain friends
  • Decks are easy to maintain, creating a low-maintenance garden
  • Encourages life outside, as an additional living space to your home
  • Could reduce the amount of mud, and debris in your house and garden
  • Could increase your property's value.

Find out further benefits of adding Decking to your garden here


Average garden decking costs

The average UK decking size is roughly 15sqm for a small deck, 30sqm for a medium, and 60sqm for a large decking area.

So, you've decided to add decking to your garden, you know the size of your garden, and roughly how many boards you will need. Now all you need to do is find out where the best-priced, Timber Decking, Composite Decking, PVC Decking, and other Decking materials can be sourced.

Decking cost per m2 and the price of Decking also varies depending on the brand you decide on. Below is the average cost of Composite Boards per square metre of the average UK garden.


To figure out the size of your decking area and the approximate cost of Boards, simply measure the length and width of your proposed deck area (in metres) and multiply them together. Next, multiply your area by the decking cost per m2. Finally, the answer will give you an approximate cost for your decking. This doesn’t take into account the cost of trims, joists, or fittings, as these are dependent on your site conditions. But, it’s a start, or, alternatively, Cladco Decking Calculator will estimate the costs for you here.

Garden Decking Costs will vary for many reasons, some of which being:

  • The price of manual labour for installation
  • The price of the raw materials, Decking Boards, Fixings and the Frame
  • Location, typically installation costs can increase by up to 20% if you live in or around London.
  • The Ground you wish you lay your decking on. A flat or level ground requires less work than a garden with an unlevel surface, the cost of levelling out the ground can increase the overall decking price
  • Base, do you wish to have a concert base or a Weed Mat base?
  • Height of your Decking - Do you need planning permission or a tall frame?

Cladco Profiles offers a variety of types of Decking Boards, including Hollow, Solid, and Woodgrain Composite Decking as well as a range of Premium PVC Boards, starting at £17.28. See the Cladco Decking Calculator here, which can generate a quote for you depending on the size of your garden.

Due to the different types of decking available on the market, the cost of decking installs can differ. Below is a table explaining the breakdown of Cladco Decking average costs per Decking sizes.


For more information about Cladco Decking and the range of boards offered, see our website or contact a member of our sales team on 01837 659901

What are the benefits of adding Decking to your garden?

Garden Decking is a great way to extend your living areas and create a seamless divide between inside and out. Adding Decking to your garden has a plethora of advantages including:

  • Creating a large, spacious area to entertain friends
  • Decks are easy to maintain, creating a low-maintenance garden
  • Encourages life outside, as an additional living space to your home
  • Could reduce the amount of mud, and debris in your house and garden
  • Could increase your properties value.

Find out further benefits of adding Decking to your garden here


Composite Decking - Benefits

Cladco Composite Decking is made using 100% recycled products, 60% recycled FSC accredited wood fibres, and 40% recycled has a range of benefits to bring to your garden including:

✔️Low-maintenance - the boards are easy to maintain and do not require any sanding, varnishing, or painting, simply keep the boards clean and free of debris.

✔️Low-absorption rate

✔️Should not Rot, Warp, or Splinter

✔️UV Resistance, the Boards should not fade, however in some cases if the Boards are exposed to increased areas of sunlight a slightly weathered look may occur


✔️Available in a range of eight colours

Find out more about Cladco Composite Decking by ordering a sample here.

Cladco Premium PVC Decking - Benefits

Cladco Premium Cladco Capstock PVC-ASA Decking Boards are Cladco's brand-new premium quality, long-lasting Decking Boards. Made from a PVC core with a durable strong ASA resin casing. 

Coming with a range of features including: 


✔️Suitable for heavy loads such as Hot Tubs, Statues, and other features

✔️UV resistance preventing the Boards from fading


✔️Insect -Resistant 

✔️Will not warp, splinter or rot

✔️Low absorption rate perfect for installing around pools, ponds, hot tubs, and in damper areas.

✔️Available in a range of six colours  PVC Decking

Timber Decking - Benefits

While both PVC and Composite Decking Boards have the look of authentic timber, Traditional Timber Decking still has a range of benefits.

✔️Can increase your curb value

✔️Strength and durability

✔️Attractive Timber appearance.

Average timber only decking costs

Depending on the product chosen the decking installation price may increase or decrease for your decking project. Garden Decking is traditionally made using Timber Boards, however, in recent years Composite, PVC, and plastic Decking is also making an appearance. Timber Decking can be made using either soft or hardwood. (You can find out more about Timber Decking vs Composite Decking here)

Timber Decking, while is slowly finding it has competition with Composite and PVC Decking Boards, Timber Decking is still at the moment, the most common Decking Material used in UK gardens. With the average cost per square metres for just the Decking, not the Joists, Fixings, Ground or Fame work on average at £75/m2.

Below is a breakdown of the cost of Timber Decking Boards both, Softwood and Hardwood Decking per metre.


Timber Decking can be installed either at ground level or as a raised platform. Timber Decking could increase your property's value, has stunning visual appeal, and have increased strength and durability compared to different types of decking.

When installing Timber Decking, if you are planning on doing it yourself, make sure each board has plenty of room to expand and contract and the installation guides supplied by the Timber Decking supplier have been followed.

Find out more about the benefits of Timber Decking and make sure it is the correct choice for you here.

Labour costs and time frames

When going to install your Decking, or looking for installers, be sure to know the correct size of your proposed area, this will assist in finding the correct decking installation cost.

To find out the square metre of your allotted space, simply measure both the width and the length and multiply together. Once you have this you can approach installers with the size and design of your Decking area.

The average cost and time to install decking can vary depending on certain variants, the height of decking, materials are chosen, and how the frame would fit the ground. If the ground needs clearing of any shrubs, trees, roots, or stones. If the decking is at ground level, the ground will need to be levelled off, if the Deck is going to be at a height, then you may need planning permission, as well as a stable substructure, needs to be built beneath the Deck.

On average most professional installers are able to install an average-sized per square metres designed Deck, within 2-3 working days, depending on the condition of your area. However, if you are going to build your Deck yourself, as a DIY project, the time frame may differ depending on how many years of experience you have, what time you have available, etc. When fixing your own deck, it is important to always follow the supplier's installation guides, to ensure the warranty of your products is not put at risk.


Additional Deck Material Costs

Is Decking expensive? Unfortunately, Decking Projects can be full of surprising purchases if not properly budgets. As it is not just the Decking Boards you will need to purchase, Joists, Screws, Weed Mats, and Trims also need to be considered, which is something people often forget, making their project potentially go over budget.

Additions include:

  • Joists/Battens - Hardwood, Softwood, Composite, and PVC Decking Boards require sturdy substructure and the support of Joists.
  • Balustrades - Added as a sturdy, durable addition for both safety and design
  • Trims - Corner and Skirting Trims can be used as Fascia boards to hide the structure and joists beneath, as well as adding final details to the edges of your Deck.
  • Fixings and Screws - Make sure you have the correct screws and fixings for your Deck. Hardwood and Timber Decks can be fixed used Traditional Timber Wood Screws, however, Composite Boards should be fixed using Composite Screws.
  • Weed Mat - If you are wanting to install your Deck in your garden, without first laying a concrete base, it is advised a membrane or material is put down to ensure no weeds or vegetation will grow up beneath your Deck and penetrate through the gaps. A Weed Mat prevents any weeds from growing, while still allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil below.

Below we have compared the costs of the additional materials across Decking companies, please note additions will only be compatible with the same companies Decking Boards. Boards bought from Cladco will not be able to be finished with Trims purchased from Dino Decking.


Other Factors of garden decking installation costs to consider

Now you have your Decking Boards, Joists, Fixings, and other accessories sorted, it's time to think about any additional costs you may need to take into account when installing your Decking. While installation should only take 2-3 days on average for a professional to fit, if any additional steps need to be taken, time frames may increase.

  • Skip - If you are having to level out your gardens surface the additional cost of a skip may be necessary
  • Delivery - If you are unable to collect your Decking Materials, the cost of delivery may need to be factored into your budget.
  • Sander - If you have purchased any Timber wood for your decking project, you may need to sand, varnish, and stain it before installing it to your desired look.
  • Varnish - Timber often needs to be varnished, or sealed once installed to ensure the Boards stay looking high-quality for years to come.
  • Cleaner - Both Timber and Composite Decks may get dirty while being built, cleaners can be purchased once the Deck has been built, for a perfect finish. This can be used for many years too.
  • Concrete - If you are wanting to install your deck on a concrete base, purchasing and paying for that concrete to be installed correctly is an additional cost to factor in.
  • Landscaping - If you are wanting a ground-level garden deck, the deck should be installed on a flat, level surface. Landscaping and levelling out of your garden may be required before the install can begin.

The cost of aftercare and maintenance should also be taken into consideration when planning a decking area. Composite Decking, unlike Timber, does not need much post-installation aftercare. Cladco Composite Decking has a ten-year guarantee, and should not rot, warp, splinter, fade, or stain. The Boards may simply need the occasional clean. Timber Decking Boards, however, will need maintenance for the years that it is installed, wood is also susceptible to staining, splitting, warping, rotting, and fading.

Planning your decking installation

Adding a Deck to your garden is a project that you can enjoy for many years. Make sure that the materials, design, and installation are to a high standard and you could benefit for years.

Composite, PVC, and Timber Decking all require a substantial and sturdy, structural base, secured installation of the products.

Before you start your Decking Project, here is a list of the key steps you may want to follow.

  • Plan your Decking area, decide on the height, size, and location of your Deck.
  • Check if you need Planning Permission. See our blog here for further information.
  • Choose your preferred Decking supplier, type of decking, and colour.
  • Prepare your base, once you have purchased all the necessary equipment, you may need to level out your base, then lay your concrete or Weed Mat.
  • Create your substructure, for either a raised or garden level deck. Following the supplier's guide.
  • Install your Decking either with professional installers or by following the correct guides your supplier has created.

For more information on how to plan your decking installation see here.

Calculate your decking cost

You have your design plan, now all that's left is to purchase your Decking Boards, Fixings, Framework, make sure you have planning permission, if necessary, and install it.

Start calculating the price of your new deck using Cladco Decking Calculator. Simply enter your decking shape, length, choose your Boards, and colour. The Cladco Calculator will then estimate how many Boards, Joists, Trims, and Fixings you may need.

For further help and assistance with your new Decking Area, please see our website, or contact our sales team either via email at [email protected] or by calling 01837 659901