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Can you add a Firepit to Composite Decking?

Placing a firepit on your Composite Decking Boards is not recommended. Cladco Composite Decking Boards are made with part natural materials, which are not fire-resistant. Find out more about Cladco Composite Decking here.

Will Composite Decking become slippery when wet?

Cladco Composite Decking Boards have low-slip properties when installed with the narrow grooves facing up. However, like anything, extra care must be taken when the Boards are wet as there may be an increased slip risk in adverse weather such as frost...

Can I cut Composite Decking?

Yes, Composite Decking Boards can easily be cut using traditional wood cutting saws and tools. If cutting Boards to size, be sure to install the Boards directly after cutting. Please reference to HSE for further health and safety guidelines.

Are all Composite Decking Boards low-slip?

Not all Composite Decking Boards provide a low-slip surface. Our Original Composite Decking Boards have a side featuring narrow-grooves, which provide low-slip benefits due to increased water run-off. Our Woodgrain Composite Decking Boards however do...

Can Fibre Cement Wall Cladding Boards be cut?

Yes, Cladco Fibre Cement Wall Cladding Boards can be cut. When cutting fine dust is released into the atmosphere - the mineral itself is harmless, however dangerous if inhaled and will constitute a health hazard. A Level P3 Respiratory Protective Mask...

Is the Composite Fencing fire rated?

As Cladco Composite fencing boards are part wood, these are not fire rated.

Can you cut the boards for me?

We are unable to cut boards to length for customers, boards are easy to cut with a traditional saw, care must be taken when cutting the boards. Boards cannot be cut on our premises.

Can I cut boards at your premises?

Customers are unable to cut any product on our premises. This is against our health and safety practices and will not be allowed. 

Is the Composite Cladding fire rated?

As Cladco Composite cladding boards are part wood, these are not fire rated. Please see test results here.

Is the Composite Decking fire rated?

As Cladco Composite Decking boards are part natural wooden fibres, these are not fire-rated

Do Composite Decks get hot?

Like any material left in the hot sun for hours at a time, Composite Decking can get hot, however lighter colours are less likely to retain heat as much as the darker colours can.

Are Composite Decks safe for Children and Pets?

Composite Decking is perfectly safe for children and pets, unlike timber decking it will not splinter ensuring children and pets are safe from potential danger. Composite Decking has a hidden T Clip fixing system meaning screws are hidden from view ...