Looking for inspiration for your next decking project? Or want to discover a new way to add flair to your existing outdoor living space?

Take a look at our decking ideas round-up below for exciting ways to add flair and practicality to your decking area and outdoor space. From contemporary garden design ideas to outdoor dining spaces and creative ways to recycle any leftover decking boards, the perfect garden deck is easier to create than you might think.

We've sourced the below inspirational decking projects by Cladco customers who have used various ways to update and improve their decking areas and gardens to inspire you along the way.

Experiment with raised decks

Make uneven ground level

Uneven garden with raised deck to balance out levels
Uneven garden with raised deck to balance out levels

Decking can help to conceal and level out the uneven ground in your outdoor space and provide a flat, decked seating area.

Cladco Composite Decking products provide the best material for this, owing to their rot-resistant properties. Laying Cladco Weed Mat and Pins underneath the decking will also help to prevent unwanted plants or weeds from growing up through the gaps in your boards over time.


Try an Elevated Deck to match other areas

Elevated garden deck
Elevated garden deck using Cladco Composite Deck Boards

To reduce the risk of tripping over steps, try a raised deck. A high-decked terrace makes for the perfect spot to add outdoor dining furniture.

This will allow you to enjoy your garden while relaxing, eating and drinking with family and friends - all on comfortable and stylish garden furniture that is in keeping with the rest of your outdoor space.

The below decking area has been installed as a raised decked platform - complete with built-in seating and railings for added safety, whilst still being a relaxing space.

Cladco Stone Grey Composite Decking Boards have been used to both deck the structure of the flooring and to build the bar and bench area.

raised decking area

Plan your decking shape for the space

Arrange Decking around smaller spaces

Making the most of small garden spaces can be done with a minimalistic approach. Deck boards can be used to segment areas in your outdoor area and to create multiple levels to maximise every inch of the outdoor space available.

Decking in a small space
Multi-level Decking in a compact space
Small roof terrace with Compoite Decking area
Small roof terrace with Cladco Compoite Decking area

Consider the addition of tall potted plants which can be moved around easily and can be used to cover any joins or the odd decking stain.

Compact furniture can be added to make better use of tighter spaces. A simple colour scheme throughout keeps the space light, airy and makes potted plants and furniture colour schemes pop.


Modular Deck Layout

When planning your decking design, for added interest consider building a modular layout consisting of multiple, alternating segments. This type of layout looks great with varying colours of decking boards and is best for working around difficult or small garden spaces.

Cladco Composite Decking Tiles are the ideal material to achieve this effect and are available in a range of four natural colours. These 600 x 600mm Deck Tiles are easy to install with a click-and-lock system and will look great all year round on balconies, patios, gardens and more.

Decking tiles used in a seating area
Deck ideas: Cladco Composite Decking Tiles used to create a modular effect

Framed Deck Layout


If you like the look of 'picture framing' as part of your deck design, create a dual-coloured deck using two different coloured deck boards - one as the base colour and one to use around the edges.

Cladco Composite Bullnose Boards have a rounded edge along one side of the Board, with the other edge easily fitting within your Cladco Decking® layout, creating a neat, framed effect.

dog sits upon a picture framed effect decking
Garden Decking Ideas: Picture Frame effect created with different coloured Bullnose Decking Boards
decking with fire pit

Chevron Deck Layout

Consider a chevron design as part of your garden decking layout. This is a great way to create the illusion of movement, with adjoining diagonal lines meeting at different angles for a multi-dimensional look.

Make sure the supporting Joists for your deck are doubled up where the diagonal boards meet around the central design.

Decking area with chevon design
Cladco Woodgrain Composite Deck Boards laid in different directions to create a chevron design
Dark Deck Boards used to create a chevron effect stairway
Dark Deck Boards used to create a chevron effect stairway

Herringbone Deck Layout

The herringbone design is the most intricate design of the four listed here, with a step pattern running throughout the centre of the deck. It's important to give the design enough support where the boards meet, using two supporting Joists linked to singular joists.

Herringbone Deck Layout, deck laid diagonally
Herringbone Deck Layout

Try Different Decking Materials

Combine Decking Boards with Stones or Paving

You might want to get creative with the look and feel of your garden design by introducing flagstones or similarly coloured paving stones around your Decking installation.

This can create a neat surrounding area for your deck and the contrasting textures add interest and a contemporary feel.

A Contemporary outdoor decking area with ample seating and soft furnishings and large paving slabs
A Contemporary outdoor decking area with ample seating and soft furnishings and large paving slabs
Decking laid adjacent to slate pavings
Decking laid adjacent to slate pavings
Raised composite decking against retaining wall

Use Composite Decking to change the Colour of your Garden

Be Creative with Colour Schemes

Colour can completely transform a space, especially in small garden spaces. The eight colours available within the Cladco Composite Decking range will allow you to be creative with the colour scheme of your outdoor area.

The warm wood tones of Cladco Composite Teak Decking Boards below, combined with the bright tropical plants make for an exotic and fun outdoor space to entertain guests and enjoy time with the family.

Cladco Composite Decking in Teak make the bright greens of these garden plants pop and create an exotic, warm look
Neutral grey decking with flowers and climbing plants
Neutral grey colours can build a blank canvas in which flowers and climbing plants will pop against
colourful decking area in the sun with sleeping dog

Try adding Decking Accessories

Mark your Deck area with a Balustrade System

Decking areas that aren't surrounded by exterior walls, a fence or hedges can greatly benefit from having a metal Balustrade System in place.

This not only gives something for people to hold onto but gives the decking area more prominence, especially if grass or fencing does not surround it.

Railing systems can also add an extra element of style to your deck design, transforming the look. A low-maintenance, Powder-Coated Aluminium Balustrade System doesn't require painting and will mean that, with low upkeep, this will last for years to come.

Raised decking area with steps and balustrade
Decking area with Cladco Aluminium Balustrade System

Complement your Decking with Matching Steps

Matching steps and stairways can be built into your decking design with matching Composite Decking Boards that have been cut to size. See our Decking Steps Ideas post for more detailed discussion.

In the image above the colour scheme runs hroughout the design, whilst Composite Corner Trims create a neat edge along the way.

Stone Grey Woodgrain Decking Boards are used in the first of the images below and make for an attractive step-up design that blends into the natural surroundings and gabion wall in the background.

Cladco Stone Grey Composite Decking with matching Composite Stairway
Cladco Stone Grey Composite Decking with matching Composite Stairway
PVC Decking stairway in Silver Birch
Garden Decking Ideas: Cladco Premium PVC Decking stairway in Silver Birch

Cladco Premium PVC Decking Boards are also a great way to create seamless steps. The solid ASA resin shell provides a highly weather and scratch-resistant surface which is ideal for areas with high footfall on your decked area.

The below project has used Cladco PVC Decking Boards in the colour Cedar Wood. This replicates the look of wood decking without the ongoing maintenance that is required of real timber.

PVC Decking Boards in Cedar Wood
Cladco Premium PVC Decking Boards in Cedar Wood - a strong solution that replicated the look of timber decking

Explore our Composite and PVC Decking today.

Create a Shelter on PVC or Solid Decking Boards

Premium Decking Boards, such as Cladco Premium PVC Boards or Cladco Solid Composite Boards, make for a firm, level area that's perfect for outdoor dining.

These are also ideal for heavier decking furniture or for adding a semi-covered area such as a pergola, allowing you to enjoy your deck in sun, shade and shelter.

This is down to their increased strength and durability, owing to their solid core and robust ASA resin coating (Premium PVC Boards only).

large decking with pergola set on the edge of a lake
Decking scheme: large Solid Composite Deck with a built on shelter

Construct a practical BBQ shelter on your super strong PVC Decking Boards as shown in this project below, for a social cooking/dining space that can double up as a covered deck if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Cedar Wood PVC Decking with an outdoor kitchen and pergola
Cedar Wood PVC Decking with an outdoor kitchen and pergola

Combine a Bar area with Decking

Composite Decking Boards in Charcoal featured in this project below, contrast strongly between the painted white walls of the bar and create a clear divide between the host and guest spaces.

Bar area with Charcoal coloured decking
Bar area with Charcoal coloured decking

The raised Stone Grey Composite Decking project below elevates the guest area, making it more of a feature in this garden setting.

The tasteful addition of a built-in coffee table and composite bar is made with the same composite material as the deck and has been topped with mosaic tiles. This breaks up the greys and adds visual appeal to the raised decking area.

Outside decking with a bar area
Composite Decking used to create a built in bar area on this outside space

The example below has used leftover Composite Boards to make their own bar and bar stools! Unlike natural materials, Composite material is split and splinter resistant and so is perfectly comfortable and practical to sit on and use as outdoor furniture.

garden furniture made from leftover Deck Boards
garden furniture made from leftover Composite Deck Boards

Experiment with Spare Boards

Pathway using decking boards
Pathway using decking boards

Design a walkway made from Composite Decking Boards

Incorporate a low-maintenance garden path into your decking design using the same colour boards as used in the decking, to make a low-slip, high-quality walkway from one outdoor space to the next.

The durable, hardwearing properties of wood-plastic composite decking mean you won't be replacing the boards as often as you would with traditional timber walkways.

DECKING with Bullnose edging used as a stepped walkway between outdoor spaces
Cladco Composite Woodgrain Boards with Bullnose edging used as a stepped walkway between outdoor spaces

Integrate Plants into your Decking

Raised Beds Created from Matching Decking

Line your decking space with natural foliage and plant pots to bring some colour and life into your garden.

Raised beds adjacent to a Composite Decking area
Garden Decking Ideas: Raised beds adjacent to a Composite Decking area

Composite Decking can make for the perfect raised flower beds in your garden space. Boards will not only provide insect and rot-resistant properties, but will also look fantastic in your garden.

Decking with matching raised flower bed
Decking with matching raised flower bed

Make use of Excess Decking Materials

A great way to make use of excess Decking Boards and offcuts, and a simple way to add decorative elements to your garden is to build some creative furniture and accessories with them.

Cladco Composite Decking Boards are rot and insect-resistant, being manufactured from 60% recycled wood fibres and 40% recycled plastic, making for the perfect material to create seating areas, containers for plants or even outdoor armchairs.

Built in garden seating / storage area using leftover deck boards
Built in garden seating / storage area using leftover deck boards
planters created using leftover composite decking offcuts
contemporary planters created using leftover composite decking offcuts
Garden armchair hand-made from composite decking boards

Set the Mood with Evening Lighting

Nothing completes a deck design quite like warm mood lighting to relax with under the stars.

Fix your lighting to a marquee, or surrounding fencing, and soak up the atmosphere while spending the evening hours enjoying your deck. There are many cost-effective lighting options available to complement your decking space - from solar lights to fairy lights or even hanging lanterns.

Garden decking area at night with warm lighting
Garden decking area at night with warm lighting
outside seating area on decking with string lights
string lights add atmosphere and can create segmented areas in your decked area


Whether you want to level out your garden's uneven ground, create a place to cook and entertain, or just get creative with an interesting and unique decking shape there are so many possibilities.

The look and feel of your decking needn't be generic and it's easy to make your space unique with customisation.

Once you've chosen your decking material, and have found the best design for your space, work with additional furniture and accessories to establish a personalised look. You'll want a space that will last and can be easily updated for years to come.

Not quite had your fill of decking inspiration? For composite decking-related ideas check out our Composite Decking Ideas and Inspiration.

If you want to cost your decking project take a look at our Decking Calculator.

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