Adding an above-ground or in-ground pool to your garden is an excellent feature for both children and adults. However, an inground pool isn't always financially or practically viable, with long installation periods and hefty upfront costs. Ground Pools or stand-alone swimming pools are often a great substitute, which can be used as a permanent fixture with Decking installed around the pool.

Decks designed to go around a pool are installed no differently from any other Decking style, with a structurally sound base.

However, several things must be considered when building a poolside Decking area, including safety features, low-slip properties, level of maintenance needed, and amount of water absorption. Read on to see design ideas, pools shaped above ground and to find out the best way to create your poolside Decking space with pool Deck ideas to inspire you to make your own spa-like pool in your garden.


This idea in the photo below uses Timber Decking shaped around the above the ground pool. With the pool as the primary focus. The Timber Decking acts as a walkway between the seating area and the round pool edge. Providing space for relaxing and entertaining, Timber Decking can be slippery when wet, and if you have young children or pets, you may want to include a safety fence around the pool to help prevent accidents.

Wooden Balustrades have been fitted on either side of the Decks stairs, with additional Decking design features.

Pool half encased in Decking

A Deck can become part of a swimming pool design and fitted at the top of an above ground pool, like the photo above.


Adding a deck around this above ground pool is an ingenious way of changing this oval-shaped pool's entire look and feel. This Deck has been built with stairs leading up to the swimming pool with a fence behind. The Decking gives the pool an encased, intimate look. This Deck is large enough for chairs and loungers to be placed for relaxing and sunbathing and allowing safe and easy access to the water.

Timber decking surrounding part of a pool


Swimming pool set within a raised deck

The above photo shows another beautifully designed above-ground pool with a two-tiered Deck surrounding it. The larger, lower Deck provides a large expanse of area for relaxing, and enjoyment. The pool steps and entrance are set slightly higher than the main deck creates a fence-like attractive safety feature with an additional Decking platform for ease of pool entry.


An above-ground pool isn't the first thing you think of when you are looking into potentially adding a swimming pool to your garden. However, above-ground pools are a great backyard addition when working on a budget. Adding a Deck to your pool above ground is one way you can create a permanent and high-quality looking garden feature, as well as allowing you to get the most use of the ground pool and pool deck.

Man measuring decking

An above-ground swimming pool deck should be constructed following your local area's building guidelines - find out more about Decking and planning permission here.

Build your above ground pool decking following these simple steps:

1) Measure the area you would like to Deck and apply either a concrete base or a Weed Mat below where your Decking will be installed.

2) Construct your structural base using Timber or Composite Joists following the installation guides of the supplier.

3) Install your Decking Boards, following the installation guides of the supplier

4) Add any additional Trims, Fixings or Fascia Boards to the outdoor swimming pool Deck.

However, as with any large project, there are certain things you should be aware of when creating an above ground pool with a timber deck feature in your garden, for example:

  • Ensure your Timber Deck isn't installed somewhere where it will be constantly wet or exposed to a large amount of moisture - as this can encourage rot, mould, and algae.
  • Decking Boards that have algae growth on the surface may get slippery when wet.
  • Please do not use any part of the pool as a rest for your Decking, as this will weaken the pool's integrity, ensure the Decking is supported solely using its substructure joists.
  • It is advised not to build your above ground pool deck higher than the height of your swimming pool for safety reason
  • It is recommended to install the Deck in the area closest to your house.
Swimming pool with deck area


There are many options for building your Decking around an above-ground swimming pool: Traditional Timber Decking, PVC Decking, or Composite Decking are all viable options for creating an outdoor above ground pool with deck, all three options are available from Cladco, via our website or our friendly sales team on 01837 659901.

Swimming Pool Decks are often wet, causing the surface of the Boards to be slippery, which could pose a health and safety risk if you have children running around on a potentially dangerous outdoor garden feature.

Adding a wood-effect Deck to your house doesn't just create an additional area for relaxing and socialising, but having a wood style feature around an expanse of water is an excellent way of bringing an aspect of the natural world into your backyard, creating a budget spa-like area in your own home.

If you want to add a low-cost, effective above-ground pool with Deck to your home, then there are a few materials that may be suitable for the Deck of ground and above-ground swimming pool.

Cladco Composite Decking

Cladco Composite Decking Boards are high-quality low-maintenance Decking Board made from 60% recycled FSC accredited wood fibres and 40% recycled plastic. They can be installed at any level or shape. Cladco Composite Decking Boards are available in a range of eight colours in either original or woodgrain, helping you achieve your desired design and look.

Cladco Composite Decking Boards also come with a range of additional properties, including:

  • Low-slip - when installed with the narrow groove sides facing up
  • Low-maintenance - Boards do not need to be varnished, sanded, or painted
  • UV-Resistant - Should not fade or become bleached when sat out in the sun
  • Insect Resistant - Thanks to their part, synthetic make-up insects should not be able to burrow or eat the Boards
  • Low-absorption rate - Unlike Traditional Timber Boards, Cladco Composite Decking Boards have a lower absorption rate making them a more viable option when installing around a pool
  • Should not rot, warp or splinter
  • Scratch and mark resistant

Cladco Composite Decking also has the added benefits of the above features and the additional positive of the Boards having the look of traditional wood, without any of the hassles of maintaining it.

Cladco Premium PVC Decking

Cladco Premium PVC Decking Boards are a high-quality synthetic Board designed to look like wood, made from polyethylene with an ASA resin for increased durability. Cladco Premium PVC Decking Boards are available in a range of six attractive colours and a range of properties.

  • Low-slip - The Boards are ideal for installation in areas where increased footfall or moisture may be present
  • Low-maintenance - Boards do not need to be varnished, sanded or painted
  • UV-Resistant - Should not fade or become bleached when sat out in the sun
  • Insect Resistant - Thanks to their synthetic make-up, insects should not be able to burrow or eat the Boards
  • Low-absorption rate - Unlike Traditional Timber Boards, Cladco Premium PVC Decking Boards have a lower absorption rate making them a more viable option when installing around a pool as the Boards should no expand or contract or absorb moisture
  • Should not rot, warp or splinter
  • Scratch and mark resistant - The Boards are incredibly durable and should not easily mark or scratch
  • High-strength - PVC Decking Boards have increased strength and are able to withstand increased weights.

Timber Decking

If you are looking for a traditional wood style Deck built for your backyard and home, then Timber Decking may be the product for you. Timber Decking requires an increased amount of time and maintenance, thanks to the wooden Boards needing additional looking after, to ensure the board keeps up a high-level appearance.

Timber Decking Boards also come with a range of properties:

  • Available in a range of wood types, from softwood to hardwood, which can be chosen depending on budget, shape, and preference.
  • Less slippery in comparison to tiles or concrete
  • Repairs - Timber Decking Boards are easy to install and repair
  • Comfort underfoot - Wooden Decking Boards are naturally warmer than paving stones or tiles, so even when the Boards are wet, they will be comfortable underfoot.

Find out more about the differences between Composite Decking and Timber Decking Boards and how they can benefit your project here.

All of the above materials can be installed as a DIY project or by a professional installer to create a range of backyard decking designs. If you are interested in using any of the Decking material options mentioned, see the Cladco Decking Calculator here for an estimated quote for your Decking project.


How to cover an above-ground pool with a Deck?

Using the project photos at the start of this article for inspiration, above-ground pool Deck ideas are in abundance. You could cover half of your pool with a Deck, a Deck that goes round above ground pools, or to the whole area with a Deck, in a variety of different heights, lengths, and colours. Design your Deck so additional garden features such as furniture can be added to it.

These deck ideas for above-ground swimming pools are installed in similar ways building above-ground traditional Decking. See an easy-to-follow installation guide here for more information.

Man measuring a deck

How much does it cost to put a deck around an above-ground pool?

Depending on the size, shape, material, and if you're paying for a professional installer of doing a DIY decking install, Decking installation prices may vary. You may want to add additional features to your Deck for aesthetic and safety purposes, such as stairs, Balustrades, and fences, which could add to your price.

Use the Cladco Decking Calculator to estimate the cost of your Deck. Find out more about the different prices between Composite and Wood Decking installation here.

What is the best material for an above-ground pool deck?

If you have an above-ground pool with Deck in your backyard, you want to ensure you have a high-quality Deck that won't be affected by the wet surroundings of the swimming pool. If you're going to Deck out a rectangular, square, curved, round above-ground swimming pool, then be sure to find a Deck material that can complement and benefit your above-ground pool to your desired design.

Cladco Composite Decking Boards are a high-quality low-maintenance, low-slip, and low-absorption Board available in a range of eight colours. Cladco Composite Decking Boards can be used in a variety of designs and spaces, is easy to install, and can be cut with traditional woodworking tools.

Order a sample here.

Can you build a deck around an above-ground pool?

Yes, essentially, a Deck that has been built to surround a pool above ground is no different to a regular Decking. The Deck should be self-supporting and not bear any weight on the swimming pool as this could damage the integrity of the pool. If you plan to add a deck to your pool as a DIY project, it is essential to always follow the installation guides provided by your Decking supplier.

Adding a Deck to any pool above ground is a fantastic way to incorporate a swimming pool into your backyard. Decks can be designed in a range of sizes and shapes and can be built on a budget around oval, round, inbuilt, or above-ground swimming pools with ease.

What type of Decking is best around a pool?

When looking to install a Deck around an expanse of open water, like a swimming pool, one of the main things to consider should be safety. Natural materials, such as hard or softwood Decking require regular maintaining to ensure the Deck stays safe.

Timber Decking can get extremely slippery when wet and may not be the best material to get for a Pool deck, not only is timber at risk of becoming slippery, the Boards are also at risk of splintering, rotting or warping which could lead to further complications and issues.

PVC or Composite Decking, however, have low-absorption and low-slip properties, making them the ideal materials to be built near or around water. Both Decking options also should not rot, warp or splinter, which should keep your Deck looking newer for longer with little upkeep.


Having a well-built pool and Deck in your backyard means you can have many spa-like days in your own home.

Adding a pool deck to your above or in-ground pools is a great way of utilising space, incorporating your swimming pool into a permanent feature, as well as adding an inbuilt viewing and safety platform around the pool.

If you want to build your pool deck, Cladco Composite or PVC Decking is recommended for a Deck built to last for many years, which doesn't need a high level of maintenance and should not rot, warp or splinter.

For more information about adding a new Decking area to your home, designed to go around an inground or an above-ground swimming pool, see our website here.

Or contact our friendly sales team on 01837 659901, who will be happy to help you size, plan and purchase the materials needed for your pool Deck, garden Deck, or any other style of Decking you are wanted to attach to your house.