Adding coloured cladding boards to your house can instantly change its look and feel. Cladding the exterior of your building is an ever-growing trend at the moment. With Composite, PVC, Slatted and Fibre Cement boards available it can be difficult to know what is the best material for your project.

Adding the perfect external wall cladding to your property is an easy, low-maintenance way to transform your home beautifully. Cladco has a range of cladding products available and provide items to install across the building from the soffit (just below the roof), to corner and skirting trims.

With such a wide variety of colour options available on the market, making a choice for your home is not as straightforward as you may have originally thought for your external cladding project.

In this article, we will break down the different colour options Cladco can deliver across Scotland, England, and Wales and the benefits the choice of Board colours can bring to your home. Composite Cladding Boards from Cladco Profiles Ltd are an ideal material for your project as the standard woodworking tool can be used to cut the planks to size.

Grey Cladding Panels (Light & Dark)

Grey is an incredibly popular colour for both interior and exterior design. Grey has an expansive range of tones, from a neutral muted tone to soft silver and stark charcoals. Grey Cladding Panels give the appearance of a high-quality, modern design, which should stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for many years to come. Ideal for a traditional, old or new build, for a timber style exterior Cladding which could last the test of time.

Cladco Composite Cladding Boards are easy to install and can be cut with a traditional woodworking tool. Ensuring the whole installation, including any fascias, soffit or around windows and vents, includes the structure.

This Dorma window has been Cladded horizontally in a shiplap style, allowing the Stone Grey Cladding to blend in with the slate tiled roof for a beautiful, modern look. Trims have also been used here in matching colours.



Charcoal or Dark Grey Wall Cladding is a fantastic addition to any property, commercial or domestic buildings if you're inspired by Scandinavian, dark and modern designs for your building.

Charcoal is one of the most popular Cladding colours currently on the market.

This project has used Cladco Composite Cladding in Charcoal. Creating a beautiful, unique and sophisticated garden feature/ garden room. With the Cladding choice being installed up to the roofline.


Cladco Composite Woodgrain Wall Cladding is virtually maintenance-free, with no need to stain, varnish or sand the Boards, install and enjoy.

Get a FREE Sample to see the full range of product colours here.

Or see further Charcoal/ Dark Grey Cladding inspiration, projects and embossed styles on our Gallery here.


Stone Grey Composite Cladding Boards in either Original or Woodgrain finish are among the most popular colours and styles of products we stock. Composite Cladding can transform any building into a modern, low-maintenance wood-alternative property.

The sleek, sophisticated finish of the Grey offers a different style from the traditional warm wood shades that Timber offers.

This business has used Cladco Composite Wall Cladding in Stone Grey for a sophisticated and respectable design that should last for years to come. The Cladding also compliments the business logo creating a seamless design throughout the business.


Like the idea of Stone Grey for your home?

See further inspirational ideas here, order a Sample Pack or call the team on 01837 659901 to help you choose the best materials and colour for your building.


Adding Light Grey Wall Cladding to any property is a great way to brighten up your home, giving the appearance of a large, bright and welcoming building. Cladco Composite Cladding can be installed either vertically or horizontally, so whatever your preference is, there's a style and colour for you.

This Garden Studio has been Cladded in Light Grey. The Boards have been expertly installed beneath the soffit up to the roofline, and the fascia style Boards are used instead of Corner Trims. Installed using shiplap, the embossed style of Cladding gives the Studio a seamless and beautiful design.


New build homes, businesses, garages, or garden studios can all have Composite Cladding designed to fit around any windows, doors or existing features.

In the image below the porch has been beautifully cladded with Cladco Composite Wall Cladding in Light Grey. The light, silver tones within the Boards colour contrast perfectly with the redbrick of the main building. The new build porch has been Cladded with horizontal shiplap finished with the Light Grey Corner Trims.


This look should last the customer for many years to come, thanks to the high-quality, low-maintenance material used in the design.

Visit our Gallery or order a free sample pack to ensure you choose the right colour, style, and material for your home.

Green Cladding Panels (Olive)

Cladco Composite Cladding colours range from natural timber/rural tones of Redwood, Coffee and Teak, to the more modern, manufactured shades of greys, blacks and white. Most Composite Cladding is shiplap cladding and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

Olive Green Composite products offer a more natural style, with a more timber/wood-like appearance than the Greys as mentioned above.

This design in the image below has used Olive Green Composite Cladding for a tone-down, classy appearance. The natural tone compliments the red brick and tiles of the home perfectly.


Find out more about this Olive Green external Cladding, or purchase a sample here.

Red Cladding Panels (Redwood)

The deep, rich, and natural shade of Redwood offers a unique choice for your home. Transforming the exterior into a rustic, warm and attractive, high-quality project.


The project in the image above has used Cladco Composite Cladding in Redwood. The horizontally installed Redwood coloured boards neatly frame the timber stained window and contrast brilliantly with the white features.

Get a Sample Pack here and find out more about the Redwood Cladding or what other colours are available.

Brown Cladding Panels (Coffee)

If you want your home to have a traditional timber look, you need Coffee coloured composite cladding boards. With their rich, deep and luxurious look, they're the ideal Boards to compliment any style of property or building.


The design in the image above has used Cladco Composite Cladding in Coffee to achieve this fantastic apex roofing design. The Coffee Cladding creates a wonderful timber, rustic appearance. These Cladding Boards have been installed vertically to fit the coloured Cladding within the apex of the building.


Find out more about Cladco Composite Cladding Colours and find the right product for your project here. Alternatively contact our sales team on the registered number, 01837 659901

Light Cladding Panels (Ivory & Teak)

Light coloured exterior Cladding creates a highly coveted, modern, nordic appearance. Cladco Composite Cladding is available in Ivory and Teak. In contrast, Cladco Fibre Cement offers a white or cream weatherboard.

The Ivory Composite Boards, with their easy installation, can transform any building quickly and efficiently.

Featured in the image below, this great Shepherds Hut, uses Cladco Composite Cladding in Ivory for a modest look, encasing the entire hut from the roofline to the skirting in the environmentally friendly, low-maintenance product.


Cladco Teak products can transform any project, giving a beautiful, traditional timbre look with a modern twist.

The image below shows Cladco Composite Cladding in Teak complimenting the slate roofing and white guttering perfectly. Teak Corner Trims have also been used to encase the window and ensure a seamless and complete design.


See further design inspiration in the image on our Gallery, or view our full-colour range by ordering a Sample Pack here.


Put your stamp on the outside of your house, with Cladco Composite Cladding colours.

If Composite Shiplap Cladding isn't your style, we also offer our weatherboard style Fibre Cement Wall Cladding Boards in a range of seven colours. Not only does Cladco Fibre Cement Cladding have a different choice of colours available, but we also have an unpainted option for you to colour your house in a wider range of colours.

With Mainland UK delivery for all our colours and products, it's never been easier to transform the exterior of your home, find out more about the lead times, and delivery or order sample here use code SUMMERSAMPLE for a FREE sample Pack and explore all eight of the Composite colours we offer.

If you would like further information about Cladco Profiles Ltd, our products or you have a query about a project, what colours are available, or to place an order our friendly sales team are available to assist you further. Simply call, email, or visit our registered office on 01837 659901.