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Our Tiles are the easiest way to transform a garden or outdoor space and create an instant, low-maintenance Decking effect. Composite Decking Tiles can be combined with Artificial Grass Tiles, or used independently, to transform balconies, terraces, patios, and many other areas that require a new look.

You can achieve a high-quality new floor effortlessly. Our Decking Tiles with Artificial Grass, and Decking Tiles featuring Composite Boards, are much larger than average Tiles of this kind on the market, measuring at 600mm x 600mm square.

Artificial turf Tiles feature interlocking clips that can be connected with Composite wooden Decking Tiles for a bespoke outdoor space. Results are instant, allowing you to create the perfect look without requiring any DIY knowledge.

Delve into our blog articles for more info on our decking tiles:

Introducing Cladco Composite Decking Tiles
Learn About Composite Decking Tiles

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  1. Artificial Grass Tile Sample
    Artificial Grass Tile Sample

    Artificial Grass Tile Sample

    Our Artificial Grass Samples allow you to take a look at our Artificial Grass Tiles before purchasing, making it easier to plan your outdoor project. Our Grass Tiles permit you to enjoy the look and feel of real grass without the hassle of ongoing maintenance such as cutting, watering, and feeding.
  2. Woodgrain Effect Composite Decking Tile, Large (600mm x 600mm)
    Woodgrain Effect Composite Decking Tile, Large (600mm x 600mm)
    From £18.00

    Woodgrain Effect Composite Decking Tile, Large (600mm x 600mm)

    Cladco Large Woodgrain Effect Composite Decking Tiles are available in a range of four colours. These 600 x 600mm Decking Tiles are easy-to-install with a click system and will look great all year round on balconies, patios, gardens and more.

  3. Artificial Grass Tile, Individual, Large (600mm x 600mm)
    Artificial Grass Tile, Individual, Large (600mm x 600mm)

    Artificial Grass Tile, Individual, Large (600mm x 600mm)

    Artificial, realistic square Grass Tiles (600mm x 600mm) for natural turf flooring, featuring an easy-to-fit click system to suit your space. The grass material is pet-friendly and easy-to-maintain, with resistance to weathering, UV and frost damage.

Composite Decking Tile - the contemporary way of upgrading your garden

There has never been an easier way to update an outdoor space than with our range of floor tiles, providing contemporary and modern flooring for your garden, balcony, rooftop terrace, or veranda, to name just a few.

Update an outdoor area, domestic or commercial, instantly with ease of installation and flexibility in design using Woodgrain Effect Composite Decking Tiles. Hard-wearing and weather-resistant Decking Tiles do not to be sanded, stained or painted.

Available in four colours - Stone Grey, Coffee, Charcoal and Teak - each Tile features a solid plastic base that is stable and allows space between the Tile and floor. Deck Tiles can be lifted up are linked together using a linking clip system that is nail-free and customisable with no mess.

Composite Decking Tiles are an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to Composite Decking Boards. Manufactured from the same environmentally-friendly material as our Composite Decking range, comprising of 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastics, Tiles are rot, UV and weather resistant.

A Cladco Composite Decking Tile is thinner than our Composite Decking Boards, making for a lower ground profile while providing the same great look as seen in our Woodgrain Effect Composite Decking range.

Applications for Deck Tiles

Some of the places you can lay Composite Deck Tiles and Grass Decking Tiles include:

    • Balconies
    • Gardens
    • Outside eating areas
    • Glamping pods
    • Patios
    • Marquees
    • Rooftop display
    • City gardens

Be sure to install Tiles onto a stable, level surface for the best finish and ease of connection to reduce bending between Tiles. Decking Tiles do not need to be secured to a supporting substructure or joists underneath.

Quality material is easy to maintain and gives a high-end surface for a faux Grass Tile effect, designed to walk on and withstand pressure from furniture and objects.

Artificial Grass Flooring Tiles - an easy way to a perfect lawn

Our turf Grass Tiles feature an artificial turf look that is made to last. Easily create a perfect garden look with turf squares, installed quickly onto flat surfaces for an instant transformation.

Interlocking Artificial Grass Tiles click together and blend naturally. Astroturf Tiles with grass form a natural grass effect that requires little maintenance. Interlocking astro turf tiles that look like grass allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a complete outdoor space instantly.

An outdoor artificial grass turf tile offers a realistic grass surface without all the hassle or upkeep of real turf. The length of the green Grass Tiles provides a natural appearance, replicating freshly cut turf with excellent thickness and density.

Upgrade to the best Artificial Grass Tiles available with our artificial grass deck Tiles, providing long life and the most premium natural colour.

Decking Tiles - easy to maintain

With our wood Deck Tiles, you can easily take the Composite wooden Decking Tiles apart to clean the floor underneath. Tiles can be laid on concrete or earth, as long as the ground is not uneven and has a flat surface. Deck Tiles are low-maintenance and can be swept clean or wiped down quickly with no additional treatment.

The Woodgrain Decking Tile has a tough, resistant surface that requires no treatment throughout the year. Tiles can be taken up and cleaned, whenever necessary, and re-installed into the same position without any DIY expertise, tools or mess.

To replace, or clean the Tiles, no tools or accessories are required. Simply lift up to disconnect before laying back down. Wet surfaces can be easily dried using a cloth or sponge.

The convenience of using Grass Floor Tiles or Decking Tiles

Artificial Grass Tiles for balcony areas or other level surfaces outdoors are easy to use to cover old flooring, or enhance your existing deck area. A new patio area or deck area can be formed using quality materials and will suit any space or garden.

The large dimensions of each Tile will save you time on installation and provide straight edges over patios; perfect as replacement Tiles to lay over old, worn-out flooring or stone slabs. The long life of Decking Tiles and a fake Grass Tile will far outlast traditional timber decking tiles, or real grass tiles, and are hassle free.

For further advice, availability and delivery information on our Deck Tiles and to find out more about Cladco outdoor Grass Tile, please get in touch.

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